Each association's members are unique. So, in addition to automatically being able to sort your member directory by Member Type and Areas of Expertise, you can also add custom filters.

Here is how to set that up:

  1. From the admin, go to Fields > Custom Fields
  2. Click the Add Custom Field button (top-right)
  3. Give the field a name.
    Note: This is the label that will be displayed in your member directory.
  4. Choose Checkbox or Set of Options depending on your filter needs.
    Note: If you choose Set of Options, you will also need to add each option and choose whether they can select multiple options.
  5. In the Visibility section, select Member Record. Checking this box will add an additional visibility option for Member Directory Filter.
  6. Select the Member Directory Filter.
  7. Fill out the remainder of the custom field modal as needed.

Your member directory will now include your new custom field as an option to filter by.


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