Sometimes it can be helpful to know when an invoice or sales receipt was sent and to whom.  You can leverage QuickBooks' extensive audit log to dig into a transaction's history.  Sometimes great data can be the answer to the inevitable claim, "You never sent that invoice to me!"

Access Audit History

To access a transaction's audit history: 

  1. Open the transaction in QuickBooks
  2. Click on the "More" link at the very bottom, towards the center of the screen.
  3. Click on "Audit History"
  4. Expand a particular date & time by clicking on it.

Information Available within Audit History

Some of the most helpful information available in the audit history of an invoice or sales receipt includes:

  • Sent: whether the transaction has been sent
  • Last Sent: date & time last sent
  • Email Address
  • Delivery error: Notification if there was a problem delivering the invoice via email
  • Printed: The transaction's print status (Remember that QuickBooks and Novi treat printing transactions differently.  QuickBooks has a concept of "to be printed" while Novi looks at whether a transaction was actually printed.)

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