QuickBooks Online loads default payment terms when your company is created. These terms are synced to Novi AMS and applied to transactions according to the rules below:


By default, if terms are not set within Novi AMS, the default payment terms from QuickBooks are applied to invoices.

Dues: Auto-Renewals

Payment terms on auto-renewed dues invoices follow the settings determined on each member type.

Dues: New Members

When dues invoices are created for new members, they are due immediately ("due on receipt").

Dues: Manual Renewals

Manual renewals are due the day after expiration date, or today, whichever is greater.

Event Registrations

The payment terms for events are set on the event category in Novi.

  • Events > Categories > Edit Category > Accounting


Since products from multiple categories can be purchased on the same invoice, terms are set for Ecommerce as a whole.

  • Association Settings > Ecommerce > Accounting


Not all members are alike, so there are times when you may choose to customize a transaction or the rules in general for a particular customer or invoice.

Creating Transactions in Novi AMS

When generating an invoice in Novi AMS for Ecommerce purchases and Event registrations, admin users are able to pick the terms for a particular transaction within the payment widget.

Customer-Specific Rules

Individual customers or members can be given custom terms on their member/customer records. These terms override all other settings within Novi. They also sync to/from the corresponding customer record in QuickBooks.

  • Edit Member Record > Details Tab > Billing Section

Existing Invoices

After an invoice is created, the payment terms can be modified within QuickBooks Online. Changes made within QuickBooks will be synced back to Novi AMS and your member's Member Compass™. To see the update immediately, do a manual sync in Novi to bring in the change from QuickBooks.

Troubleshooting Payment Terms & Due Dates

The invoice due date should be <insert payment term here>, but is incorrectly showing as the end of the month or some other time span.

If you've run into this issue, be sure to check your Term settings in QuickBooks by clicking on the gear icon > All Lists > Terms

In the example below, the term should be exactly 30 days, then the Due Date setting should be "Due in fixed number of days." Having another set up there would result in a term that doesn't quite do what you're expecting.

NOTE: If you make a change in QuickBooks and you want to see the update in Novi right away, click the Sync Manually link at the top right of the admin (in the Members section).

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