Allowing credit card payments can significantly reduce an association's open invoices (A/R), limit write-offs, and provide a great experience for members. 

However, there are times when association executives might cringe at the thought of a 3% fee on an exceptionally large invoice.

Since hope is not a strategy, Novi has a feature that allows you to set a limit on the dollar amount of an invoice that can be paid within the Member Compass via credit card.

Determine the Limit

In your Association Settings, you'll be able to set a credit card invoice payment limit under the QuickBooks tab (see below).

What Happens with QuickBooks Payments

If you use QuickBooks Payments for credit card processing, and your QuickBooks Online account settings allow for "Online Invoices" (see screen shot below), the checkbox on the invoice that says "Allow Credit Cards" will automatically be un-checked. 

Please Note: The "Allow Credit Cards" checkbox on an invoice will only be automatically un-checked when the invoice is created. If an invoice is modified in QuickBooks, it will be a manual update.

This means that if a user attempts to pay the invoice via the email they receive (rather than through the Member Compass), they cannot pay with a Credit Card through QuickBooks Online either.

The user will need to pay you via check, cash, etc. and then you will need to Receive Payment accordingly inside of Novi.

Note for associations using Stripe:

Since the "Online Invoice" setting described above for QuickBooks Payments is not an option with Stripe, the only way to pay with a credit card is via the Member Compass, which is limited by the "Association Settings" in Novi. So you're all set!

What Users See

A message will appear when the user attempts to pay for a large invoice via the Member Compass, letting them know that payments over the limit won't be accepted. 

Important Notes

  • The credit card invoice payment limit applies to all types of invoices across your site - dues, events, etc.

  • The credit card invoice payment limit applies to individual invoices only - not to the payment of multiple invoices. This means, if members make separate credit card payments on more than one invoice and they add up to more than the payment limit amount, the credit card payments will proceed successfully.

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