Allow more biographical information about your members to appear on their member detail pages within the Member Directory by adding custom fields to their member detail pages!

To show a custom field's values on your member directory profiles:

  • Create the custom field you want to add within the Custom Fields tab in the backend.
  • Make sure the "Member Record" box is checked on the Custom Fields modal in order to add the field to the Details section of the member's record.
  • Check off the "Directory Profile Page" checkbox shown below.
  • This will add the custom field to the member details page in the Member Directory.

Additionally, you can select "Member Directory Filter" on Set of Options or Checkbox fields to add these to the list of filters within the directory that users can select to dial in what they're looking for.

Important: The custom field will only show up on the member details page if there is a value in the custom field for that particular member.


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