Do you have an attendee asking if they can switch the name on their event registration to a co-worker? Or do you have a registration missing an attendee name, because the field wasn't required, that needs to be linked to a member record? This type of change will take place on the event, not on the individual's record.

Update the Attendee on an Event Registration

1. Go to the Event on the backend, then to the Attendees tab.

2. Find the registration and click the Edit link (on the right side). This will open the "Edit Attendee" modal.

3. Click in the Attendee Name field and delete the existing name (if one exists).

4. Start typing the new attendee name until the drop-down options are displayed.

5. Select the new attendee from the drop-down list.

6. Update the remaining attendee fields as needed.

7. Click Save & Close.

Please Note: Changes to the Attendee fields do not affect the Purchaser. If the registration has an open invoice, you can change the Purchaser on the registration by opening the invoice in QuickBooks Online and altering it there. This can not be done on a Sales Receipt.

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