Getting your users logged in to your website is important for many reasons, and sometimes they need help - especially if the password reset email is not being delivered. Email deliverability issues are most often out of our hands and it comes down to your member's IT settings. 

To circumvent this, you may prefer to copy/paste and send a password reset link directly to the member, separate from the transactional email from the site. 

Once a password reset link has been sent to a member, that unique URL will now be displayed on the Settings tab of their record. This applies to password resets from the backend by an admin or requested from the frontend by the user.

Simply click the "Copy Link" button to copy the URL to your clipboard. Then you can paste it into an email or even in a live chat - wherever you want!

Important note: Keep in mind that while this will solve the immediate issue and allow the user to get logged in, if this is also the main email address on the record, the user will likely still have issues receiving other transactional emails from the site, such as event confirmation emails. If emails aren't being delivered, the user should still get with their IT department to whitelist your domain or use a different email address. Learn more about email deliverability here.


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