Meg Palumbo at the Triangle Apartment Association uses Live Chat to offer white glove service to her members. This is above and beyond what most associations provide; however, her team feels that it's an important benefit for her members.

Setting Up Live Chat

There are a number of third party tools that can be embedded into your website to add direct 1:1 communication with members and website visitors. Live Chat is just one of those tools. Integration generally only takes a minute or so and often involves placing a snippet of code into your association settings. Whatever platform you choose will have more instructions, and of course, we're happy to be a resource if you have questions as to where to place the code.

Best Practices

Meg has some advice for other Novi customers that may add value regardless of the platform you choose.

My (short answer) opinion is that it is an incredible service that our members love. I am the only “agent” because I am the staff person most tied to my computer. Events and Education are frequently away from their desk managing their events/classes and our Membership person is frequently out of the office doing sales.

With that said, I have anywhere between 3 and 15 chats per day, depending on what we have going on at the association. Most are very simple questions, looking for something on the website or that they need help setting up their account.

The difficultly comes in training yourself to remember to log in and out. Chats are different from phone and email in that users expect an instant response. I’ve found that if I don’t respond within 30 to 45 seconds, users disconnect, frustrated. So, even if I run to the kitchen to grab another cup of coffee, I have to remember to mark myself away. It’s very simple, just training the brain!

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