Initial Setup

Start by copying the Super Pixel Code from Feathr. For instructions on how to do so, follow the instructions from Feathr in this article.  

  • Once you have copied the code, go to your Association Settings. You can do this on the backend by clicking the gear icon and your name in the upper right hand corner, then select Association Settings. 
  • In the Association Settings modal, click on Analytics/Scripts. Paste the Feathr super pixel code into the section titled "Body script or markup section." 
  • Your embed is now complete! 

How do I know if it successfully embedded?  
Read this article from Feathr on How To Verify Feathr Super Pixel Implementation for additional information.  


Locating the Event IDs

There are two ways to find an Event ID:

Option 1: Frontend

On the frontend of the Event, click on Registration Options. The registration page shows the Event ID in the navigation bar. 

The event ID is in the top navigation bar.

Option 2: Backend

Alternately, you can find the Event ID on the backend under Events. Click on the Event in question. The Event ID is shown in the navigation bar. 


Click here to find Additional Feathr How-To Articles (will redirect to Feathr website) 

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