Before you read this article, please note:

This is not part of the normal membership import process, and is considered to be outside the scope of normal onboarding hours. If you haven't already, please discuss this type of import with your onboarding specialist before you start formatting an activity spreadsheet.

About Activity Imports

Importing activities into Novi allows you to add historical notes to the Timeline tab of your members' records. Learn more about Timeline Activities.

Not only is this type of import optional, but as explained above, it is not a part of your regular member import. Your onboarding specialist can give you more information on the additional cost. Then, once you've decided to proceed, please continue reading for more information on requirements and formatting guidelines.

When Activity Imports Occur

The activity import is done after your members import is complete. Once we've imported the data we'll reach out to you to approve that they are correct.

Please note that we will assist you throughout the import process, but you are responsible for exporting the data from your current system.

Setting Up Your Activity Import File

Activity data is imported in one spreadsheet. Keep in mind when setting up your data that data import is very literal. When the system reads your data, things MUST match up. For an activity import, this pertains to the member's name in the spreadsheet so the activity will be added to the correct member record in Novi.

Please see the information below for formatting and requirement guidelines.

Member ID

*Required. This is the ID of the member which should match exactly to the "Import ID" from your Members Import Spreadsheet. This is usually the member's name, but could be a number.


*Required. This should be formatted as MM/DD/YYYY. This is the date of the note/activity. If you do not have this information in your data, enter a generic date (e.g. January 1 of the current year).


*Required. 200 character max. This is a text field that represents the title/label of the activity and can be anything you want. Some examples include: Phone Call, Email, Site Visit, Membership, CEU, Sponsorship, etc. If you do not have this data you can enter something generic (e.g. Historical Note).


This is an optional text field where you can enter additional information about the activity.

CEUs and CEU Types

This would allow the import of non-event related manual CEUs. Please let us know if this is something you're interested in an we can discuss further.

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