Occasionally, you may find that some of your invoices aren't showing the member name in the "Bill To" field.

This happens because QuickBooks removes the name from the printed invoice when the member record's billing address is changed to no longer match the invoice. This could happen if you update a customer's billing address after the invoice was created.

When the invoice billing address doesn't match the member's, QuickBooks isn't sure who to bill and removes the customer's name from the invoice.

You can get the name added back by updating the QuickBooks invoice address to match the new address on the customer record.

This is unfortunately a limitation of QuickBooks, and not something fully within the control of Novi AMS. The QuickBooks team has told us this functionality is "working as designed" because they don't want to update the address on existing invoices when a member address changes.

If this issue causes you problems or frustrations, we encourage you to reach out to QuickBooks with a feature request to change this functionality.

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