From your Novi Transactions list, you can batch print up to 150 transactions at one time. However, this can take up to 10 minutes, and it is best not to close the browser or navigate away from the browser window while completing this task.

  • To continue working while the batch is preparing for download, we recommend opening a separate browser window while the other continues to pull your transactions for printing.

When you select to print 50 transactions or select up to the limit of 150 to batch print, a warning will appear reminding you to keep your browser open for up to 10 minutes. From the reminder warning, select Continue to proceed with printing or Cancel the action if needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will only send the transactions shown on the page. Keep in mind that you can update the number of transactions shown on the page under the gear icon (top right of the list), but depending on how many invoices you're sending, you may need to send these out in multiple batches.

The number of transactions you can batch print from Novi is limited by Quickbooks, which does not allow large batch printing via an API.

If you find that you need to quickly print more than 150 transactions at one time, it is best to do so directly in Quickbooks Online. There is a batch action you can use to print larger batches of transactions directly from Quickbooks.

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