Novi has an integration built for the Higher Logic Platform. Getting this integration set up between your Novi AMS website and Higher Logic should be an easy, pain-free process. Let's get started!

Integration Setup

Follow the steps below to get your Novi site connected to Higher Logic:

1. Ask us to toggle on the Higher Logic integration for your Novi site

  • Contact us via Intercom and ask for the Higher Logic integration to be toggled on for your database

2. Ask Higher Logic for your API Info

  • Get the following information from your Higher Logic Rep:

    • API Key

    • Tenant Code

3. Add the API Key in Novi

  • In Novi, add the API Key and Tenant Code to Association Settings > Integrations section

4. Ask Higher Logic to activate properties (or confirm they're already on)

  • Ask for these three properties to be activated by your Higher Logic Rep:

    • MembershipIntegrateBio

    • IntegrateProfileImage

    • IntegrateSocialMediaSites

5. Confirm with your Higher Logic Rep to make sure the connection is on and working.

6. Work with your Higher Logic Rep to set up the SSO

  • Most of our customers also choose to set up Single-Sign-On (SSO) meaning that your members can use one login for both websites. To set up SSO, follow the steps in this article.

Next Steps

Once your Higher Logic Rep gives you the go-ahead, follow the steps below to create and connect a Novi group.

Create & Connect a Group in Novi to Higher Logic

Important Notes:

  • One group in Novi creates one Community or Security Group in Higher Logic.

  • You cannot sync a new group in Novi to an existing Community or Security Group in Higher Logic.

  • You CAN change the group name + conditions in Novi or Higher Logic after the group has been created.

Steps to Connect:

1. Create a Group in Novi

  • Please note the following:

    • Only companies and people with user accounts will sync over to Higher Logic. People who do not have a user account will not be synced over, even if they're included in the Group list.

    • If you are still onboarding (in staging), only create one small test group to be synced over for Higher Logic testing. Other groups can be created now, but should not be synced to Higher Logic until after launch (in production) - unless your Higher Logic Rep instructs you otherwise. This is because your site's API will change when you launch and communities/security groups in Higher Logic can only be connected to one API.

2. Sync the Group to Higher Logic

  • On the Details tab of the Group, toggle Sync to Higher Logic to ON

  • Select the Group Type

    • Options: Community or Security Group

    • Note: Once you turn on the sync and save, the Group Type cannot be changed.

  • Once all of the group settings are dialed in, click the Save button (top right)

The Novi Group will now start syncing over to Higher Logic. Please note the following:

  • The first time you toggle the sync on, it can take an hour or more to fully sync over to Higher Logic because they run some checks on the incoming data.

  • Your Novi group name will sync over as the name of your Higher Logic community or security group. Great news! You can edit the name in Higher Logic and it will not break your sync.

  • This group will continue to sync to the community/security group even if the names are mismatched after the initial sync.

  • Deactivating a record in Novi will not remove the record from Higher Logic, but they would no longer be able to log in because they no longer have a user account in Novi.

3. Confirm the sync was successful

  • In Novi, confirm the sync is up to date by checking the Higher Logic Sync Status message on the group page.

  • In Higher Logic, to check the sync status go to Admin > Settings > Sync External Database

  • Check the number of contacts pending refresh. If it equals 0, the sync is complete.

If your group in Novi has finished syncing, congrats, you're ready to launch your online community!

>> Repeat these steps as needed to create additional Communities and/or Security Groups in Higher Logic.

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