Need to block an email from being able to send communications through contact forms on your site? The Email Blocklist will allow you to stop that email from sending additional messages.

To do this, access the Email Blocklist in the Gear Menu:

On the Email Blocklist page, click the Add Blocked Address button in the upper right to add a new email address to the list.

Admins can add an exact email, or use an asterisk * to block all emails coming from that domain (But of course, remember that you don't want to block major email domains - such as ALL gmail addresses, for example).

For example, blocks just the one address, while “*” blocks all email addresses with that domain.

To remove an address from the list, click Remove in the Actions column.

Important Information:

  • This action blocks them from sending messages through your Contact Us page, member contact forms, and offline product contact forms.

  • For extra security, users on the blocklist are not notified that they are blocked, even when attempting to send additional messages.

  • For further assistance, please feel free to contact the Novi team via Intercom.

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