Any time a record is updated in Novi and needs to get pushed to QuickBooks, it gets pushed in nearly 3 seconds. However, if a record is updated inside QuickBooks, Novi doesn't know that right away. 

If you have an urgent information change that must be done in QuickBooks, you can do a manual sync in Novi to bring over the information. This is done by clicking the Sync Manually button at the top right of the admin (circled below). 

However, you don't need to do this for every little change, because QuickBooks and Novi sync throughout the day. A full sync of QuickBooks data occurs between 12AM - 5AM EST and a partial data sync occurs two times a day between 10AM and Midnight EST.

In the full sync, we look at the entire QuickBooks database and compare it to the Novi database. If there are any discrepancies, we find it then and fix it... all while you’re sleeping! 

In the partial sync, we metaphorically knock on QuickBooks' door and ask if any changes have been made since the last sync. If there have been changes, they are synced.

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