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Adding Multiple Contact Email Addresses to an Invoice
Adding Multiple Contact Email Addresses to an Invoice
Learn how to send invoices to multiple emails.
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Sometimes you may need to send an invoice to more than one person or email address. For example, a vendor may want a copy for themselves and a copy for their accountant.

  1. Open QuickBooks Online.

  2. Find the customer and click to edit their information.

  3. In the customer information modal, under "Email," add the email addresses you'd like their invoices to go to, separated by a comma. (see screenshot below)

  4. Save and head back to the Novi backend

  5. In Novi, click the "Sync Manually" button at the top right portion of the member list to sync the info from QuickBooks to Novi immediately. Once this is done, this will update the customer Contact Information in Novi and you are ready to send your invoice.

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