If an event attendee has chosen to pay for their registration with a physical check, you'll still need to register the attendee in Novi to ensure that your event has an accurate attendee count. It’s pretty simple! You'll need to register the attendee, generate an invoice (without sending it), and then Receive Payment on the invoice. To do this, head to the event on the backend and follow these steps:

Creating the Registration

The first task is to create the registration for the attendee.

  1. Click the blue “New” button in the top right and choose “Registration.”

  2. Enter in the quantity of tickets purchased for each ticket type.

  3. Choose a purchaser.

  4. Enter in the attendee information.

  5. In the payment section, choose the Invoice option and select a billable party.

  6. Save & Close.

Receive Payment

Once you have created the registration, you can receive the payment on the invoice. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. On the Attendees tab, click “Edit” under the Action column for the registration that the check applies to. (See Screenshot)

  2. In the modal that pops up, click “View Transaction.”

  3. On the screen that opens, click the “Receive Payment” button in the top right. From here, you can enter in the payment information and apply it to the event invoice you just created. 

  4. Save & Close.

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