Want people to know who will be at your event? Novi AMS gives you the option to show registered event attendees to the public. This attendee list will show as a box in the details of the event page on the frontend. See photo examples below.

How to enable showing attendees to the public

To enable this feature, head to the backend of the site and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the event page on the backend.
  2. Navigate to the "Settings" tab.
  3. Check the box next to "Show attendees to the public."
  4. Save.

Once you enable this feature on the frontend, you will see a box with registered attendees that looks like this:

"Other Registered Attendees"

One thing to note is that once you scroll through the list of registered attendees, you will see a note like this at the bottom of the box:

What this means is that these attendees do not have records or are not connected to a record in your database, so we cannot display their information. 

When someone registers for an event and they are in the system, as they start to type their information in the attendee field, their name will pop up. Clicking on their name will pre-populate the rest of their registration information from their record. 

For attendees who show as "other," did not follow this procedure and simply typed in their name, not connecting it to a record OR they could have registered as a guest.

If someone who is registered for your event, but is not in the system, contacts you to ask why they are not showing up on the attendee list, that could be an excellent time to explain to them the importance of creating an account.

You can tell which attendees are connected to a record on the backend and which are not, because the connected records appear in blue text in the Attendee list and are linked to the record. Other attendees names are in black. Keep in mind that if you know that an attendee who is not connected to a record actually does have one, you can edit the attendee from the backend, and update the name so that it is connected.

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