As you can imagine, sending out your open invoices, whether by email or snail mail, is just as important as creating them. Otherwise, your members might not know that they even exist until they get logged in to the site. Not ideal, right? 

For example, dues renewals. The system does NOT automatically email out the generated renewal invoices (*see exception below). We create them, but we want to make sure that your eyes can review them before they go out to all of your members.

  • *Exception: If you're confident that your dues rules are set up correctly, and the member type is set to auto-renew, then you can check a box on the Renewal tab of the member type to automatically email renewal notices/invoices as soon as they are created.

Additionally, you may recall seeing several areas of the site where you can choose Save & Close or Save & Send, such as when an admin is registering someone for an event. If you select Save & Close, that invoice is not sent to the purchaser.

Those invoices need to be sent so that you can collect your revenue (definitely don't want to miss any opportunities there!). You can do this in bulk, but of course, you need to know exactly WHICH invoices haven't been sent yet in order to do that. 

Transactions Stage Filter

1. To find your invoices that have not been sent or printed:

  • Go to Accounting > Transactions

  • Click the blue Invoices Not Sent or Printed box in the top staging area.

2. This will filter your Transactions list to show all open invoices that have not been sent OR printed. 

If you would like to see just the ones that have been not sent, or not printed, feel free to use the general filter on the Transactions list to customize the search.

3. From here, you'll want to batch email out the un-sent invoices using the steps in the linked article OR batch print the invoices to send them via regular mail.

Important Notes

Ongoing Process

Someone on your staff should be designated to check your invoices not set or printed on a set schedule that works for your association. Perhaps weekly, or even more often. (Especially if you're on Anniversary renewals and have members renewing at different dates throughout the month.)

Undelivered Invoices

The filter for Email Status (as described above) does not take into account if a transaction was sent but not delivered. This information lives in QuickBooks Online. For more info on how to see which emails have not been delivered, please check out these articles and/or reach out to QuickBooks Online support:

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