Closing the books prohibits transactions dated prior to a specific "close date" from being changed. Some accountants or bookkeepers close books after an accounting period has ended for tax prep or board reporting reasons.  This will help to ensure that financials match tax returns and that last year's financials don't change from one board meeting to another.

Closing the books locks down transactions in Novi

Functionality will be limited - this is by design. 

  • Transactions dated prior to the closed books date can't be changed.
  • Invoices cannot be marked as printed
  • Dues invoices cannot be recalculated

If you attempt to edit one of these transactions, you will receive a friendly error reminding you: "Your QuickBooks file has a closing date that is preventing this invoice from being recalculated. Please contact your QuickBooks administrator."

Changing transactions prior to a "close" date

While your accountant or QuickBooks administrator may be able to make changes to transactions in prior periods within QuickBooks, they generally will try to avoid it. Should they choose to make a change to a transaction dated prior to a close date, their changes will be automatically synced to Novi.

More Information

For more information and a guide on how to close the books, visit QuickBooks Online's help center.

"Closing the Books is like closing the door – You’re saying I’m finished in that room and have moved on." - Liz Scott,
Insightful Accountant

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