Showcase featured events and articles on your homepage with carousels!

What is the carousel?

The homepage carousel is a feature that, when enabled, allows you to showcase multiple events and articles in the "Top Featured" section on your homepage. Your web visitors can click through these items by clicking on the dots at the bottom of this section. You can also to set the items to auto-advance, so visitors are exposed to all of your featured items automatically.

Turning on the carousel feature

To turn on the carousel feature or to have your carousel auto-advance, contact the Novi team. You also have the option to have the carousel auto-advance. This will automatically switch to the the next featured events and articles every five seconds. Please let us know if you'd like for this option to be enabled as well.

Adding events and articles to the carousel

To add an event or blog article:

  1. From your homepage, click on "homepage settings" (you must be logged-in)
  2. In the "Top Featured" section, start typing in the name of your event or article that you've already added
  3. Click "Add"

Your featured articles and events will appear in the order they appear in your homepage settings. You can drag and drop these items if you'd like to re-arrange the order in which they appear.

Novi tip: As always, try to use captivating, vibrant and abstract images for your featured event and article images. This will keep your homepage looking clean and professional.

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