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New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
Member engagement reports, featured homepage listings, and more!
Member engagement reports, featured homepage listings, and more!

Release notes from Sprints 41-42 & 43-44

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New Feature Releases

Learn all about your members' engagement with the new Member Engagement report!

Make smarter business decisions by understanding your members' engagement with your association's events and e-commerce options on a deeper level than ever before. Learn more about the engagement report here.

Give sponsors yet another reason to come back again and again. A featured listing on your home page will not only give featured sponsors prime advertising space on your website, it will also give you an amazing selling point and add fresh content to your home page. A win-win! *Please contact a Novi representative if you are interested in setting this up for further details.

Pro-rate dues quarterly to benefit from the delta between monthly and quarterly proration.

Dues rules can now be set to pro-rate quarterly, in order to better customize your dues to perfectly fit your association.

Trying to grow your social media following and engagement? Simply add a link to your Instagram account in Association Settings to direct members, especially mobile users, to easily connect with you!

Improvement to Event Registrations from the ADMIN 

At the suggestion from some of your association peers, when you register an attendee from the admin, you can now see whether they are a member or not. This should help ensure that you are charging them the correct price for your event. For a full recap on registering attendees for events, click here.

Smaller Feature Improvements

  • If an attendee was previously been registered for an event and their registration was canceled, you will not get "already registered" errors when re-registering them.

  • The Novi team has revamped our connection with Fullstory, a tool we use to triage and reproduce bugs as well as identify UX pain points in order to serve you better.

  • The "default" linked button option in the content editor was a white, un-styled linked button choice on all sites. This has been removed to allow for simplicity and consistent, professional style when editing your content. The two styled buttons are still options and use colors custom to your association.

Updates to the member directory:

  • Website visitors can now clear any filters they have selected with a single click.

  • Website visitors can now filter the directory by members offering a special deal to other members by simply selecting yes or no in the dropdown.

  • Website visitors can now filter the member directory by custom fields to pinpoint exactly what they're looking for.

In other Novi news...

We are excited to announce the successful launch of the Triangle Apartment Association and the Apartment Association of Metro Denver! In the queue, we are currently in the process of onboarding three new associations: the Rural Water Association of Utah, the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance and the AAGO Foundation. 

The development team is working hard on "under-the-hood" movement towards our Gemini launch, which will bring many new exciting improvements we think you'll love. It is important to note that large portions of these previous sprints have been dedicated to getting us extremely close to Gemini!

We have also aggressively amplified our data backup system to ensure that your data has backups only minutes apart if any event should ever happen that threatened the integrity of your data. Although extremely rare, we’d much rather be on the safe side. That’s why we’ve made sure that should the need for a data roll back or restore should ever occur, your data will barely skip a beat.

Bugs We Squashed

  • AMS-5121: As a user, I don't want sync to fail because Novi tries to delete inactive terms, accounts classes or departments.

  • AMS-5140: "Don't charge for dues" shouldn't show save & send/print.

  • AMS-5147: Featured/background images for blog articles and events are getting cropped throughout the sites.

  • AMS-5168: Undefined error when attempting to preview an invoice or sales receipt from the view modal.

  • AMS-5399: Merge of two customers taking extended periods of time to complete

  • AMS-5414/AMS-5451: Groups not syncing with MailChimp/Queue gets too long during import process.

  • AMS-5417: Can't save products originally created when the QuickBooks connection was disabled

  • AMS-4489: Add person and company dialogs error when custom field type is SetOfOptions and no options are specified.

  • AMS-5375: Review the member engagement report on live data, report is not loading (missing scripts).

  • AMS-5453: QuickBooks Online sync with inactive objects causing long names with multiple appended "(Deleted)."

  • AMS-5374: Users who have cancelled event registrations can't re-register for the event through the public web site.

  • AMS-5400: Convert prospect to member did not refresh the page on completion, so it appeared that nothing happened.

  • AMS-5229: The prompt for "Unsaved Changes" is popping at incorrect times when saving membership renewal invoice creation.

  • AMS-5192: Admin navigation cut off and not scroll able on smaller screens

  • AMS-5140: "don't charge for dues" shouldn't show save & send/save & print

  • AMS-5183: Special Offer discount not displaying on the member compass

  • AMS-5450: TAA: sync error - "The property value of 'SalesTerm.ID' on one end of a relationship does not match the property value of 'Customer.SalesTerm_ID' 

  • AMS-5398: Admin users cannot print invoices in batch

  • AMS-5507: When saving customer "settings", you can't see validation errors that occur on the "details" page so it looks like your save is broken

  • AMS-5371: When saving event "settings", you can't see validation errors that occur on the "details" page so it looks like your save is broken

  • AMS-5444: When there is an issue with a merge because of sub-customers, clients get an error but the merge happens anyway, which causes more errors.

  • AMS-5433: If a company has a featured listing and a member with management access edits the company's profile from their Member Compass, the company no longer has a featured listing.

  • AMS-5325: Glitchy design break in pop-up modal on multiple sites

  • AMS-5318: When an event is copied, the agenda date on the front-end doesn't update when the date of the event is changed.

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