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New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
New payment processing option, disable product invoicing, and more!
New payment processing option, disable product invoicing, and more!

Release notes from Sprints 45 & 46

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New Feature Releases

Introducing a new payment processing platform... Stripe!

In addition to QuickBooks Payments, Novi now integrates and connects seamlessly with Stripe. With its powerful, but simple functionality and secure API connection, Stripe offers another great choice to our payment processing integrations.

The decision to integrate with Stripe came easily as it met the following conditions:

  1. Strong API connection with both QuickBooks Online and Novi AMS

  2. Extremely simple implementation from the customer side

  3. "Talks" to Novi in a way that is simple to troubleshoot, if needed

  4. Competitive rates with our already existing payment processor

If QuickBooks Payments is no longer working for you, please let us know.  We can set your association up to start processing payments with Stripe.

Allow members to pay for products using only a credit card.

In addition to member dues and events tickets, Novi now allows you to disable invoicing for specific products and only accept credit card payments. This is a great way to collect donations for legislative efforts or emergency relief funds without having to collect on invoices.

Draft dues rules bring flexibility to the way you make changes to your dues.

If you need to make major changes to your dues rules or temporarily halt new member registration, you can now put your dues rules in "draft" mode. Find out more here.

Smaller Feature Improvements

  • Twitter feeds can now be embedded into certain sections of your site. Please contact the Novi team for more information.

  • The Member Type settings page has been reorganized for easier navigation and clarity. Let us know if you need help finding a setting!

  • Members data migration import process now allows for more member system fields, making the import simpler for all parties.

  • If a group is attached to a MailChimp or Constant Contact list and no emails to sync are checked in Emails to Sync, you will now see a warning so you know that there will be no email addresses synced over.

In other Novi news...

The development team continues to work hard on "under-the-hood" internal movement towards our Gemini launch, which will bring many new exciting improvements we think you'll love. It is important to note that large portions of these sprints have been dedicated to getting us extremely close to Gemini!

Bugs We Squashed

  • AMS-5489: "Right single quotation mark" (invalid character) in customer name causes customer save error.

  • AMS-5444: When there is an issue with a merge because of sub-customers, clients get an error but the merge happens anyway, which causes more errors.

  • AMS-5706: Creating a new member type leaves "Expires After" value null, but looks like it sets it as 1.

  • AMS-5697: Promo code box does not show up for members on the frontend for them to enter promo code info.

  • AMS-5508: When you don't have a "display name" on a customer and try to save, you get a nasty error instead of a helpful "field is required" message.

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