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Dues Rules, Member Type Settings and a few other notable items
Dues Rules, Member Type Settings and a few other notable items

Release notes from Sprints 47 & 48

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Feature Update: Dues Rules and Member Type Settings

In the past two sprints, the Novi team undertook a massive overhaul of dues rules. In fact, a combined 17 new features and bugs were tackled relating specifically to how dues rules are handled. 

As many of our associations are gearing up for renewal season, the time was now to put our focus on making sure dues rules and member settings were complete and comprehensive of everyone's needs. Thanks to all who have submitted feature requests through intercom regarding this topic!

We have compiled two comprehensive articles that outline everything and anything you need to know when it comes to your dues rules and our updates: one relating to Setting Up Dues Rules and one relating to Member Type Settings

Please read through these at your earliest convenience, especially if you weren't able to make it to the Sprint Review to see the live demo.

In addition, given how important dues rules are to your organization, the Novi team has already done an initial review of your dues. Any changes we made were limited to rule conditions that determine "new" vs "renewing" members as well as application fees (read more about this in the articles above). 

However, we highly encourage you to check and review your dues rules for accuracy, regardless. 

Hint: pay special attention to the "New Member" field in dues rules conditions and Multi-year Terms in the Renewals section of Member Type Settings.

Smaller Feature Improvements

Data Import

Various updates to the initial data import process for new customers onboarding.

Updates to anniversary date manual renewals and convert prospect to member.

  • If an anniversary member has expired and they are renewed, their member since date will get set to today's date.

  • In Member Type Settings, you will now see labels distinguishing anniversary and calendar expirations.

In other Novi news...

The development team continues to work hard on "under-the-hood" internal movement towards our Gemini launch, which will bring many new exciting improvements we think you'll love. It is important to note that large portions of these sprints have been dedicated to getting us extremely close to Gemini!

Bugs We Squashed

  • AMS-5765: Draft dues rules message shown when trying to convert prospect to member when there are no dues rules (Released 9/28/2017)

  • AMS-5754: Error when trying to cancel a registration with Novi Guest as the purchaser. 

  • AMS-5724: Cannot cancel an event registration with a sales receipt if the cancellation fee brings the amount to refund to $0

  • AMS-5777: When cancelling a registration with more than one multi-seat ticket selected, the cancellation only warns for one of the multi-seat tickets.

  • AMS-5706: Creating a new member type leaves "Expires After" value null, but looks like it sets it as 1

  • AMS-5576: Multi-seat tickets can cause discrepancy in event revenue reporting via custom reports

  • AMS-5551: Cannot print invoices from the Member Compass

  • AMS-5493: Inheriting individuals are not always shown in the directory

  • AMS-5793: Server side validation error on customer save causes loss of custom field values

  • AMS-5777: All Sites: When canceling an registration with more than one multi-seat ticket selected, the cancellation only warns for one of the multi-seat tickets.

  • AMS-5766: Payment methods found by payment processor could be inactive, causing a failure to create a sales receipt

  • AMS-5757: Spelling is incorrect on disable invoice cart messaging that users see

  • AMS-5747: Changes to homepage slider order not saving

  • AMS-5645: If a company has a large staff, creating 2+ pages of staff on the record, and the primary or billing contact is on the 2nd page, they will not show as the primary or billing contact unless you look at the page they're on.

  • AMS-5604: navigation menu on safari on iphone sometimes un-clickable

  • AMS-5581: Event tickets with a set date & time never appear to members if a start date is set without an end date.

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