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Release Notes From Sprints 49-50 & 51-52

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New Feature Releases & Improvements

  • Lock static pages down to logged in users only - no need to create a large group for this purpose!

  • As an admin, I want members to receive the confirmation email verbiage for both the event and the product add-on, if the add-on was purchased when registering for an event.

  • As a user, I want clear instructions on how to apply a promo code so that I pay the correct price for things.

In other Novi news...

Our engineers continue to work hard on "under-the-hood" internal movement towards our Gemini launch, which will bring many new exciting improvements that we think you'll love! It is important to note that large portions of these sprints have been dedicated to getting us closer than ever to Gemini. If you are interested in joining our Gemini QA task force, please let us know!

Bugs We Squashed

  • AMS-5879: Event registrations prior to Stripe implementation unable to be refunded

  • AMS-5902: Invoice created during website event registration, product checkout, or new member registration not showing as sent in Novi

  • AMS-5841: Member list view - current members not showing for "current" filter if their signup has not been cleared

  • AMS-5840: Admin renewal process - can't save & print sales receipts when marking as printed

  • AMS-5604: AAMD: navigation menu on safari on iphone sometimes un-clickable

  • AMS-5633: Credit card failures during new member registration cause new member to not complete registration without association staff help

  • AMS-5909: AOBA: User is receiving "restricted content" message even though she is logged in and there are no restrictions to page

  • AMS-5925: BAAA: Members received "there was an error generating the XML document" when registering for an event paying with card

  • AMS-5956: AAA: Generate invoices function for a specific group created duplicate invoices

  • AMS-5957: Recalculate dues invoices affected by classes issue

  • AMS-5824: Changes to event ticket order of appearance do not stick when there are duplicate ticket names

  • AMS-5878: Sales Receipts synced from QuickBooks defaulting to "Dues" type instead of "Quickbooks" type which prevents differentiating between receipts generated in QuickBooks and generated in Novi

  • AMS-5886: Error when "show attendees to public" checked on recurring event

  • AMS-5934: TAA: Credit memo should not be created for a registration when a 100% promo code is used

  • AMS-5953: AAGO: "Sequence contains no elements error" when marking a product fulfilled

  • AMS-5977: Automatic renewals fail when a member type add-on that requires fulfillment is set to charge by default and multiple members renew at once

  • AMS-6039: As an admin, I should not see the dreaded "429 throttle exceeded" exception from QuickBooks so that data that I need to sync can be done so successfully

  • AMS-5592: AAMD: navigation header not sticky on Safari

  • AMS-6003: Transactions tab showing wrong dates in some cases when an association's time zone is not Eastern Time

  • AMS-6038: Department and memo not set on dues invoices created manually by admins

  • AMS-6042: Removing optional dues rules causing wrong amount to be charged during new member signup

  • AMS-6043: Logic for evaluating an expiration date for a Promo-Code reversed

  • AMS-6048: Error relating to calculating expiration date when users attempt to create a user account

  • AMS-6061: GDAA & AOBA: Failed Renewals due to "Object Reference Not Set to An Instance of an Object" 

  • AMS-6065: TAA: Message on Invoice is not displaying on renewals

  • AMS-5845 (Bug) Admin renewal process - Save & Print or Save & Send don't refresh underlying customer detail page

  • AMS-6227 (Bug) AAA: Activate parent error message when trying to deactivate a company record that does not have a parent

  • AMS-6180 (Bug) User clicking save before create user completes results in orphan user record and account already exists error

  • AMS-6163 (Bug) TAA: News Article Displaying Prior to Published date

  • AMS-6122 (Bug) Link to open "attendance report" from customer event listing page is mispelled

  • AMS-6083 (Bug) Can't save inactive record b/c of the "(deleted)" text in their name

  • AMS-6082 (Bug) Admins can't deactivate records that have child accounts

  • AMS-6188 (Bug) QuickBooks Payments should not be a requirement when connecting a site to QuickBooks Online if they are using Stripe

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