Promo code update, Gemini update, and more!

Release notes from sprints 53 & 54

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Feature Improvements

Clear instructions when adding promo codes

Thanks to feedback from admins, users will now see clear instructions when entering promo codes during checkout so they know the discount will not be applied unless submitted using the arrow.

Mail sync fields sync time update

When syncing groups from Novi to MailChimp or Constant Contact, you may have noticed that sync times differ between groups. When Novi syncs a group over to these platforms, they scan each record in the group for accurate, non-spam and non-duplicate email addresses. 

Depending on the size of the group and various scrubbing processes these platforms go through, this process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a full day. We have updated the verbiage on the group modal to reflect this variety in timing.

Integration Errors: Clear 

If you have not yet seen the Integration Errors section, they can be found in the Reporting tab on the backend. These will let you know if there are errors happening in the system that may need your attention in regards to things like duplicate names, incorrect formatting, etc. 

Previously, each of these integrations needed to be cleared separately. We have added a "Clear All" button that will allow you to clear all of these at once.

Gemini Update

What is Gemini?

“Gemini” is our internal code name for our second generation Novi platform. While the first version validated our business case and elevated the bar for association management software, the new system is intended to prepare us for a future where scale, performance, resilience and maintainability is important. 

Under the hood, this means we’re focusing more attention on how we handle more of your data, monitor system performance and maintain a consistent experience for our growing family of customers.

What is the current state of Gemini?

Our push towards Gemini is nearing the final steps! Initial Gemini work has been completed and our team is completing work on the preliminary QA process on all components of the platform, from the admin side to the frontend website styling. 

Simultaneously, a QA task force of Novi customers, composed during our previous sprint review, are currently testing and logging thousands of entries into this new platform and ensuring that when we move all sites to Gemini, the transition is smooth and seamless. Thank you QA task force!

In these two sprints alone, our engineers have completed work on over 50 Gemini items devoted to this next generation platform, in addition the work you've seen and heard discussed in previous sprints. Current plans lead to launching the first two customers on Gemini in late January or early February. From there, we look forward to getting all clients on Gemini and in to an updated Novi world we think you'll love! Look out for more updates in upcoming sprints.

Bugs We Squashed

  • AMS-6180: User clicking save before create user completes results in orphan user record and account already exists error.

  • AMS-6058: Users creating an account under an existing member company are showing in recent signups queue as needing to be approved, rather than with a clear action.

  • AMS-6049: During membership signup, if the individual is the billable party on the dues invoice, they receive an error.

  • AMS-6039: As an admin, I should not see the dreaded "429 throttle exceeded" exception from QuickBooks Online so that data that I need to sync can be done so successfully.

  • AMS-6025: MMHA: Attempting to merge two members with deposits results in a non-helpful error.

  • AMS-5845: Admin renewal process - Save & Print or Save & Send don't refresh underlying customer detail page.

  • AMS-6227: AAA: Activate parent error message when trying to deactivate a company record that does not have a parent.

  • AMS-6163: TAA: News Article Displaying Prior to Published date.

  • AMS-6083: Can't save inactive record b/c of the "(deleted)" text in their name.

  • AMS-6082: Admins can't deactivate records that have child accounts.

  • AMS-6188: QuickBooks Payments should not be a requirement when connecting a site to QuickBooks Online if they are using Stripe. (only affected data import)

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