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Release Notes from Sprint 55

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Current Feature Update

Create groups based off of multi-select custom field values

Further streamline the groups you create for email marketing, reporting, restricting parts of your site, charging different ticket prices, etc. by creating a group based off of a multi-selection custom field. 

To set this up, simply set your group condition to pull the Custom Field Name > Contains > Value. This will pull any members who have selected that value as one of their options for the custom field.

Gemini Update

What is Gemini?

“Gemini” is our internal code name for our second generation Novi platform. While the first version validated our business case and elevated the bar for association management software, the new system is intended to prepare us for a future where scale, performance, resilience and maintainability is important. 

What is the current state of Gemini?

Our push towards Gemini is nearing completion! Our team is continuing work on the QA process of all components of the platform, from the admin side to frontend website styling. 

Many items dedicated to solidifying Gemini were completed in this sprint, including moving site layouts to Gemini, QA-ing current sites, and onboarding the newest members of the Novi family into the Gemini instance.

Simultaneously, a QA task force of Novi customers are currently testing and logging thousands of entries into this new platform and ensuring that when we move all sites to Gemini, the transition is smooth and seamless. Thank you QA task force for your continuous hard work!

The current plan leads to launching the first customer on Gemini in early February during one of the next upcoming sprints. From there, we look forward to getting all clients on Gemini and in to an updated Novi 2.0 platform! Look out for more updates in upcoming sprints.

What you should know:

In the meantime, it is important to note that our focus is on completing Gemini. Any new feature work is being prioritized after its completion.

New features to look out for in Gemini completed this sprint:

  • More linear email list sync from groups. This will result in more consistent sync timing between groups.

  • Group processing visual indicator. Once a group is updated, spinning circles indicate that the group is populating in Novi. Once this process is fully complete, your group will start syncing to your email marketing platform. This provides visual transparency on what is happening behind the scenes.

Bug We Squashed:

  • AMS-6239: Checkbox custom fields are not parsing strings to evaluate to a checked/unchecked. (Only affected data import process)

  • AMS-6146: Exception thrown during full sync when a QuickBooks Online object has the same name as another. Most likely customer.

  • AMS-6156: Javascript error when attempting to register for an event.(Solution: When a required field is not filled out during event registration, the user will receive a clear message.)

  • AMS-6251: Multi-select custom field filter on directory does not correctly filter (Solution: Custom fields where multiple selections are possible will filter in the directory based off the value the user chooses to filter by.)

  • AMS-6289: Members in grace period not searchable in member directory & expired members detail pages remain visible* with link to page.

  • AMS-6381: QuickBooks Payments: Invalid card numbers, cvc, or street address triggering "System Failure" message instead of helpful message for the user.

  • AMS-6382: Error when attempting to set up groups based on conditions (one-off case)

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