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New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
Gemini launch, Member-to-Member Communication, Updates to Individual Member Sign Up, and More!
Gemini launch, Member-to-Member Communication, Updates to Individual Member Sign Up, and More!

Release Notes for Sprints 56-58

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Gemini Updates

First things first...what is Gemini?

“Gemini” is our internal code name for our second generation Novi platform. While the first version validated our business case and elevated the bar for association management software, the new system is intended to prepare us for a future where scale, performance, resilience and maintainability is important. 

What is the current state of Gemini?

We are ecstatic to announce that our first customers have been migrated to and are operating on the new Gemini platform! As we continue to make improvements to Gemini, we will also continue moving sites over to the new platform. 

It is important to note that with a goal of moving all customers to the Gemini platform in the near future, any new feature work will be done solely in Gemini (excluding critical bugs and important updates). With that, you may notice below that a number of features apply ONLY to the Gemini instance. Once your site has been migrated to Gemini, you will have these features as well. We will reach out to you when it is time for your site to be migrated.

New Gemini Features

New Member Sign Up Is More Versatile For All Types of Memberships

Membership sign-up is now more versatile than ever - whether your dues paying members are companies, individuals, or both! We have made it simpler for your members to sign up for membership or create a user account and easier than ever for you as an association admin to manage. 

The signup feature will guide them through the process, with stronger duplicate detection, and if they should be creating a user account instead of signing up for membership or vice versa, the system will send them in the right direction. 

Member-to-Member Chat Communication

Members can now communicate through your website's member directory without revealing their email address, aiding in both member privacy and security without sacrificing the main purpose of the directory - connections! 

Use Groups As Member Directory Filters

If your association has groups of members, such as Special Interest Groups or committees, and you'd like users to be able to find those groups within the member directory for communication and networking purposes, set a group as a member directory filter

Create Groups Based Off Of Membership Status

No need to set a special condition - simply choose the membership status you are looking for and create your group!

Affiliate Section

You might be familiar with the "Affiliate Of" section in the bottom right section of your footer. This section has been removed from the backend of the websites and has been replaced with a completely editable CMS region. Now, if "Affiliate Of" isn't the best terminology for you, easily replace it!

Other Gemini Updates

Updated Routine Maintenance Page

We've given the routine maintenance page a fresh new look! This way, during any periods of downtime, members know we're working on it and won't think your site is just "broken" and feel the need to contact you.

Updates to Emails Appearing on Transactions

Invoices and sales receipts created in Novi will be created with an email attached to it that follows Novi's billing email logic. Ex: If the transaction is billed to a company with a billing contact, the billing contact's email will appear on the transaction.

Updates to the Member Compass

Users viewing the Accounting tab in the Member Compass, will now see a loading indicator in that section, letting them know that their transactions are on their way.

Events Ribbons Are Now Editable

On the main upcoming events page, your website has a section for "Signature Events" and "Other Events" by default. The text on these ribbon headers is now editable by you! Change them at your leisure to better represent your events.

Pre-Gemini Updates

Improved "Contact Us" Form Security

Your security is important to us. Spammers plague the entirety of the Internet and we want to make sure we've got you covered. We have reviewed and updated our ReCaptcha integration, a tool that keeps bot spammers from sending your association messages from your site to better ensure that it's difficult for them to reach you.

Edit Custom Field Appearance Order in the Member Directory

Making sure that your members can find who they're looking for quickly in your member directory is key. You will now have even more customizability options for your Member Directory custom field filters. With just a few clicks, drag and drop to reorder how custom fields appear in the directory filter

"QuickBooks Online Disconnected" Daily Digest Email Message Gives More Details

You may have previously received a daily digest email letting you know that the link between your website and QuickBooks Online had been terminated. We have updated this messaging to let you know the reasoning behind this and steps you can take to fix the issue. If you're not familiar with this message, it boils down to a few main points:

  • We proactively check your connection to QuickBooks Online. If you receive this message, our most recent attempt at connecting has returned an error.

  • It's likely that this is a temporary error due to a momentary outage. However, it is also possible that your QuickBooks account has been temporarily suspended or that Novi AMS was deauthorized.

  • To find out if there is an issue, you'll want to run a manual sync and look out for any errors. If there are, you'll likely need to disconnect and reconnect QuickBooks Online to Novi

Bugs We Squashed


Note: Various internal-facing and design bugs are not listed. Many of the bugs below were found in our Gemini QA and testing process prior to affecting any customer workflows.

  • AMS-6522, AMS-6560, AMS-6561, AMS-6620, & AMS-6684: Updates to groups: "days ago" & "shipping state is not null" group condition fixes, group beneficiary calculation fix, group results showing when complete, group calculation timeout for large group

  • AMS-6438: CSV download of a company's staff is not working

  • AMS-6436: Special offer showing in member directory filter when disabled

  • AMS-6405: Error when updating an image in Novi Files

  • AMS-6402: Event featured images are not showing in Top Featured background section

  • AMS-6393: Event registration emails not showing correct information

  • AMS-6368: Inactive event category landing pages and linked event detail pages are visible

  • AMS-6664: Member compass accounting tab returns no transactions

  • AMS-6649: Homepage changes not saving

  • AMS-6578: Member record > contact information > state value disappears when an attempted renewal is fired

  • AMS-6526: Error trying to merge "Customers Merged Away in QuickBooks Online"

  • AMS-6623: Changing a member's family tree doesn't remove them from groups they were in due to inheritance

  • AMS-6819: Member having issue paying invoice in member compass

  • AMS-6784: Daily digest emails bug fix

  • AMS-6773: Tickets remaining badge not showing on event

  • AMS-6766: Inheriting individual not receiving member benefits

  • AMS-6727: Manual full QuickBooks Online sync time out

  • AMS-6726: Background images and headshots pulling consistently


  • AMS-6440: Inheriting members showing in directory are mixed in with companies, rather than being at the back of the directory

  • AMS-6429: Can't change record from company to person

  • AMS-6422: Issues when pulling excel file from transactions list

  • AMS-6559: Member type compounding dues not calculating correctly for member with larger custom field value

  • AMS-6795: Custom fields with "&" in name break member directory filters

  • AMS-6790: Null values in custom fields used in dues rule conditions causes error

  • AMS-6668: Changing end dates of monthly billed annual subscriptions can cause duplicate billing

  • AMS-6034: When a Member Directory filter produces 2+ pages of results, clicking the second page or the Next button un-filters the directory

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