Gemini update, attendee list updates and more!

Release Notes for Sprints 63-65

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Hello Novi family!

We're excited to share some more updates with you about what we've been working on in our latest sprints.

We're very close to migrating all of you over to our Gemini platform. We can't wait for our last few association partners to make the switch!

As usual, thank you all so much for your continued ideas and feedback. They truly are the driving factor behind the features and functionality that you know and love on Novi.

Read on to learn more about improvements we made to the Novi platform in sprints 63-65!

Gemini Update

What is the current state of Gemini?

Roughly 80% of our customers have been migrated to the new Gemini platform!

Reminder: For our associations just coming onto the Novi AMS platform who might be wondering, your site was created on Gemini so there's no need for a migration.

Features and Updates

Attendee List Records
We've been making some cool new improvements to the events section in Novi recently and one of those updates is on the attendee list. You will now be able to view the records of attendees on your attendee lists by clicking on either their first or last name. This will help with you with verifying if attendees are properly linked to an event. 

Get a visual of what this looks like here.

Lock Down Invoicing Privileges
Another awesome update we made in recent sprints is related to invoicing privileges. You'll now have the option to apply a global setting to restrict invoicing privileges on your public facing website. Having the option to change billable parties to companies only, people only, both or neither gives you more control over your accounting. This will be a setting that the Novi team will be able to adjust for you.

Read more about the options available for restricting invoicing privileges in this article.

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