Lots of New Features, Gemini Update and More!

Release Notes from Sprint 66 & 67

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Hello Novi family!

We're happy to share more exciting updates with you all about what we've been working on. In these past few sprints, we've added a lot of cool new features to the Novi platform.

We also have just one more association partner to migrate over to Gemini. We hope all of you have been enjoying the new and improved Novi platform!

As usual, thank you all so much for your continued ideas and feedback. We really appreciate your suggestions of ways we can make Novi even better. 

Read on to learn more about some of the larger features and improvements we made to the Novi platform in sprints 66-67!

Features & Updates

International Address Support and Flexibility

Collecting accurate data for international addresses, beyond just Canada, is now easier than ever!

Under the Contact Information section of a record, simply toggle "Show Country" to "on." 

If you have numerous international members, you will also have the option to make the country field appear by default on all of customer record addresses. Please contact a member of the Novi team to make that update for you.

Learn More!

If you're utilizing featured directory listings, we know how important it is that your featured members shine in the spotlight, while your other members still have a chance to be seen.

Our newest directory update gives you more control over which information appears in your directory for your featured versus basic listings. 

In Association Settings > Membership, check out the new "Featured Listings" section.

Here, you'll be able to view and update which fields appear in basic and featured listings including:

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Address

  • Area of expertise

Lapsed Member Self-Renewal from the Member Compass

As much as we hope that members never leave, we all know that it happens sometimes. We also know that, sometimes, expired members will also come back after a while. 

To make this process simpler for all, we've cut out the work for you and have allowed expired members (individual members or those with primary contact/management access for company members) to renew themselves from their Member Compass. 

If a member is expired, a "Renew Now" button will appear in their dashboard upon sign in. Don't worry, if they still have an existing dues invoice, this won't allow them to create another.

Purchaser Information Section on Product Orders

Knowing the facts about your product orders is important. 

We've created a section that will allow you to view a detailed breakdown of the purchaser information quickly when reviewing an order confirmation in the backend without needing to visit a separate page. 

This is located within the "Order Status & Tracking" section. Regardless of whether the purchaser was a logged-in member or a guest, the same basic information will appear in that section (Display Name, Email, Phone).

"Under The Hood" Improvements

Of course, behind the scenes development improvements are always in the works. In this sprint, we've improved the speed and efficiency of background tasks and processes such as syncing with Quickbooks, Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

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