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Prohibit Invoicing Privileges for Members with Overdue Balances
Prohibit Invoicing Privileges for Members with Overdue Balances

Learn how to automatically limit a member's ability to request an invoice when that member has a past due balance.

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Every association has a few extremely slow payers. Instead of spending your time hounding these customers with outstanding accounts receivable (A/R) balances, let Novi do the prodding for you.

Within your association settings, on the QuickBooks tab, you can enable the following setting:

As the setting reads, Novi can automatically restrict invoice privileges for any customer that meets the criteria you set:

  • # of days overdue (as determined by the invoice)

  • Total overdue balance

Most organizations will set this to 90 days overdue with a balance of more than $100, but it's completely up to you.

Points to Consider

  1. Admin users can always override this setting. Instead of being prohibited from creating an invoice, Novi will warn them that the customer has an overdue balance that meets your criteria.

  2. Dues invoices do not follow these rules.

  3. Through a separate setting, Novi can also allow you to limit invoicing privileges on your website to companies, people, user only, or no one. Note that this setting applies to all members/customers, not just those with an unpaid balance.

Only the Selected Billable Party is Prohibited

When checking out on the frontend of the site, a member will only be prevented from invoicing if the selected billable party has an outstanding invoice exceeding the setting above. This came from feedback from our association partners that an entire family tree should not be blocked from invoicing due to one open invoice.


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