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Member Directory Updates, Limiting Credit Card Fees and more!
Member Directory Updates, Limiting Credit Card Fees and more!

Release Notes from Sprints 68 & 69

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Member Directory Profile Visibility

We've made some improvements to Member Directory profiles after hearing your valuable feedback.

For individual profiles:

In the "Company Info" section on an individual page, the company will now only be a clickable link if the user has permission to view that company record. Previously, if a user clicked on a link to a company record that they didn't have permission to view, they were redirected to the directory landing page as a default.

For company profiles: 

We made a similar update to company directory profiles. In the "Contacts" section of a company page, users will only be able to click through to records for individuals for whom they have permission to view.

Member Profile Formatting

We know that if we give members too much control over their profile pages, we might see a few listings that look more like Crazy Larry's Mattress Sale instead of a professional profile. For this reason, we don't give members access to all of the custom HTML tools that your staff has elsewhere throughout the website.

That said, we realize that we may have went a bit too far with limiting control. Members should probably be able to put spaces between their paragraphs. Starting today, members can add line breaks to their profiles within their Member Compass. Staff can do the same on the Details tab of the member's record within the admin. Thanks AOBA for your help with this!

Credit Card Fees & Invoicing

Allowing credit card payments can significantly reduce an association's A/R, limit write-offs, and provide a great experience for members. However, there are times when association executives cringe at the thought of a 3% fee on a really large invoice.

Since hope is not a strategy, we are introducing a feature that would allow you to set a limit on the size of an invoice that can be paid within the Member Compass via credit card. In your Association Settings, you are now able to set a credit card invoice payment limit under the QuickBooks tab. 

Fighting Data Harvesters

Since nearly the dawn of the Internet, bad actors have been mining websites for data. In many cases, they attempt to sell that data back to the people whose contact information they have harvested. While this problem is much bigger than Novi or even Associations as a whole, we have been working diligently with many of our association partners to find ways to combat the problem.

Email Addresses Protected from Bots

In this sprint, we added an additional layer of security for those of you with public member directories. When not logged in as a member, all of your member directory (and leadership role) emails are now protected behind reCAPTCHA.  Created by Google, this tool severely limits the ability of automated web scrapers (or bots) to harvest your data.

When anonymous website visitors attempt click on an email icon, they will be presented with the reCAPTCHA challenge. Members can simply log in to avoid this process altogether.

See the screenshot below for what this looks like.

Keep in mind, a human visitor can still get by the reCAPTCHA.

Defining "New Members" vs "Renewal Members"

For quite some time, Novi has had the concept of a "new" vs "renewal" member for the purposes of defining proration.  We have expanded upon that concept so that it is factored into other areas.

When an expired member renews, Novi will look to your definition of a "new member" to determine the following:

  • Does the member require admin approval?

  • Is credit card payment required when the member renews within the Member Compass?

All of these settings are available on the Settings tab of each of your member types.

Report List Ordering

Reports are now listed in alphabetical order by report group. Hopefully that makes it easier for you to keep your custom report organized!

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