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New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
Updates to Alerts, New Non-Member Account Sign-Up Setting and more!
Updates to Alerts, New Non-Member Account Sign-Up Setting and more!

Release Notes from Sprint 70

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Alert Updates

We made two noteworthy updates to website-related alerts that you need to be aware of.

The first addition is the new "One Time Alert" feature. We noticed that some of you were using our existing Emergency Alert bar at the top of your websites to include a message related to using cookies due to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since this isn't the ideal or intended way for you to use the emergency alert bar, we created this new feature that you can use exclusively for cookies-related messages.

"One Time Alert" allows you to add a customizable pop-up message about cookies ( or any other one-time alert content you may need) to the bottom left hand corner of your website. See the screenshot below to get a visual of what it looks like.

The visitor, regardless of whether they are a logged-in member or not, will see this message pop-up and will need to click the "Acknowledge" button in order for the box to disappear. If they don't click on the button, the message will continue to re-appear on each page they visit. 

  • Note: if you change the content in the "One Time Alert" section in the settings, the message will re-appear for everyone who had previously acknowledged it in the past.

Legal note: There are lots of unsettled legal questions surrounding GDPR. Please consult your own legal counsel to determine if this feature satisfies any liability you may have under the European regulations.

Emergency Alert Bar

The Emergency Alert bar has moved from Homepage Settings to Association Settings. Since this alert affects every page of your website, we moved it to the new "Alerts" tab in your settings, right next to the one time alert mentioned above. For more information on emergency alerts, check out this article.

You can see what these new updates look like in association settings in the screenshot below.

Group Beneficiaries Updates

We've simplified groups a bit in a way that will give you more flexibility in who is a part of the group. You can now choose how group benefits will flow based on the entity's relationship with the primary group member. There is no need to change any of your current groups - everything will work as you have them setup. But you will notice these changes the next time you setup or edit a group.

The three Group Beneficiaries options you have now when creating a group are:

  • Group members only (default)

  • Group members & family members inheriting membership benefits

  • Group members & custom family members (what you're used to seeing)

Selecting the third option will open additional checkboxes that you can use to customize the beneficiaries.

For example, let's say you wanted to set up a group of current members and then flow benefits to anyone who in their family tree who is a member via the current member. Maybe it's a group of companies and the inheriting staff. Or maybe it's a group of individual members whose companies receive benefits from the individuals. You would use:

  • Membership Status = Current

  • Group members & family members inheriting member benefits selected (includes all current members and all the family members that are inheriting benefits from those current members)

"Allow Non-Member Account Sign-Up" Option

We added a new feature to our novi admin settings that will give you the power to allow or prohibit non-member account creations. 

This was a feature that we initially went back and forth on because different associations have different preferences. Some of you may want to allow users to create accounts without having a membership because, for example, you may want to be able to track prospects that have signed up on your website. On the flip side of that, you may want to restrict new account signups to only members in order to not clutter up your database.

  • Note: If this setting is not checked, a message will pop up during the account creation process that will let the user know that we were unable to find their membership in the database and prompt them to register for one. If this setting is checked on, there will be a link to let them create a non-member account.

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