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Show Custom Field Values in the Member Directory, Additional Options for MailChimp/Constant Contact Syncs and more!
Show Custom Field Values in the Member Directory, Additional Options for MailChimp/Constant Contact Syncs and more!

Release Notes from Sprint 71

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Custom Fields for Member Directory Profiles

You will now be able to select and showcase more biographical information on your their member profiles within the Member Directory. In this latest release, you'll find that adding custom fields of your choosing to your member detail pages is as simple as updating the custom field visibility!

Learn more about how to add custom fields to your member profiles here.

More Options for Sync Between MailChimp or Constant Contact and Groups

You now have more control over which group members are synced to MailChimp or Constant Contact, allowing you to pinpoint which contacts your marketing emails are delivered to.

For Trade Associations and Chambers, this would provide you with the option to exclude company email addresses and only email individuals working for those companies.

What we updated:

  • We broke out the "All Group Members & Beneficiaries" checkbox in the "Emails to Sync" from one checkbox to two - shown in the screenshot below. This allows you to decide whether just primary group members should be synced over, those in the group simply because they are inheriting, or both.

  • The group conditions are now located at the top of the New/Edit Group modal.

  • All email settings have been combined an placed underneath the Group Beneficiaries Section.

Note: Primary Group Members and Beneficiary Members will be checked by default. These changes will not affect your existing groups. For new groups, keep in mind that the Email section does not affect the general set up of your Novi group. You will still want to ensure that the benefits flow is correct in the group conditions.

New Group Condition

We added a new group condition called "Has Member Benefits" that can be set to "Yes" or "No." 

When you set this condition to "Yes," the group you create will pick up any record in your database that is currently receiving benefits, both dues paying and inheriting records. 

This will be beneficial in a scenario where there are different individuals who want to subscribe to two different email lists (noted by custom fields), but you want to make sure only those individuals who have opted-in AND are current members or inheriting members are included in the group.

In this scenario, you would set "Has Member Benefits" to "Yes" and then add an additional condition to specify the lists that the member wants to be on.

Areas of Expertise Reporting

We want to make sure that you can present as much important information to your stakeholders as possible. That's why we created a new tab under "Reporting" in the admin called "Areas of Expertise" that will allow you to export a report that shows each member within each area of expertise.

The list shown above will be sorted by area of expertise and member. You can add custom fields using the Gear icon in the top right-hand corner and you will also be able to filter down by individuals and members. This report will work the same way for both companies and individuals.

  • Note: By default, the membership status when you go to this reporting page will show "Current Members" only.

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