Company Profile, Member Type Expiration and Event Updates

Release Notes from Sprint 72

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Company Profile Page Contacts List Update

Being able to quickly find the best person to contact at a company is important for your members utilizing your directory. Company profile pages will now list the primary contact first, followed by other staff in alphabetical order. The primary contact's name will also appear bold to ensure that it stands out among other staff in the list.

Calendar Renewal Expiration Dates

We want to make sure your database maintains the best setup possible. To prevent any confusion surrounding why certain members did not renew, and even more, prevent any unintended consequences from unnecessary settings changes - we have locked down the expiration date setting for calendar renewals in the member type settings.

The setting (see below) solely tells the system when your renewals should run. 

Changing it does not have any effect on the actual expiration dates of your members. Therefore, if you are on a calendar cycle and change this setting, the setting will not match any of your members' expiration dates and renewals will not run correctly.

To prevent this from happening, we have locked down this setting when you:

  • A) are on a calendar renewal cycle.

  • B) have at least one member with membership dates in your system.

A new message will appear below the renewal section in the member type settings prompting you to contact the Novi AMS support team to make any changes there.

If your member types are currently set up and renewing correctly, this isn't something you'll need to worry about.

Learn more about this change here.

Sold Out Event Badge

Your members will now be able to see if one of your events sold out, even after it's over. Let them know they missed out so they'll jump on it quickly next time! 

We made a change that will leave up the "Event Sold Out" message in the top right hand corner of an event page even after the date for the event passes or registration has been turned off. Previously, that "Sold Out" message would have disappeared. 

Enjoy those bragging rights AEs!

Reminder: To enable the tickets remaining or sold out badge, you must set a capacity for your event in the event settings.

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