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Original Join Dates, Update to Transaction Information & More!
Original Join Dates, Update to Transaction Information & More!

Release Notes from Sprint 73

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Track Original Join Date VS. Current Member Since 

Many organizations want to keep better track of a member's history. Novi recently added a field labeled "Original Join Date" so that you can distinguish the date from which a member FIRST joined your organization from the "Current Membership Since" date, which can affect your dues rules calculation. This allows you to see how long a member has been affiliated with your organization, even if they lapsed in membership.

To recap:

Original Join Date
This is an optional field for tracking when a member first joined. If there has been a lapse in membership, this date will be different from the Current Membership Since date.

Current Membership Since
The date the current membership term started. 


Show Parent (Company) Name on an Individual's Transactions

When QuickBooks Online generates a transaction, such as an invoice or sales receipt, the name and address of the customer responsible for payment is listed on the transaction. 

In the case where an individual was responsible for payment, their name was listed on the invoice but their company name was not. We received some feedback that both the individual name and company name needed to be listed in order to help facilitate payment.

The Novi team can now optionally turn on a feature to send the parent company name to the "Company Name" field in QuickBooks Online. 

A few notes:

  • This only applies if you ask us to turn this setting on

  • This only applies to individual records, not companies

  • If you update an individual's parent company record in Novi, it will update in QuickBooks Online.

  • If you change the company name in QuickBooks, you will need to also update the parent company name in Novi. It is more efficient to change the name in Novi so that you are not duplicating your work.


Company Member Types with a Limited Number of Staff Beneficiaries

Thanks to feedback from some of our newer association partners, we've made a few sign-up related items a bit simpler when it comes to company member types where member benefits are limited to a specific number of employees.

NOTE: If your member types are not A) company-based and B) limited to flow member benefits to only a certain number of staff under a company, the following will not apply to your membership structure.

Simpler Staff Account Creation

You may recall a new feature in a recent release - the ability to allow or not allow non-member account signup, which gives you the option to allow individuals to create a login on the website without having any benefits. 

We've made a slight change when considering member types where benefits are limited to only a certain number of staff to make the process more user friendly for all.

Automatic Benefits for Staff Who Registers Company

Similar to the update above, we've also made changes to who initially receives benefits for companies in a member type with this setting. 

Previously, if someone registered their company for membership in one of these member types, they were not automatically given benefits. It was up to the association to view the registration in Recent Signups and determine whether this person should receive benefits from the company.

Research and feedback showed that 9 times out of 10, the person signing the company up for membership (AKA the automatic primary contact) should also automatically have benefits (once the company is approved for membership if applicable), to eliminate confusion on their end and manual work on your end.

We're all about streamlining and ease!


If you have any questions or feedback on any new features or updates, don't hesitate to reach out via Intercom!

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