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Event Editing Sections Update, Groups Based on Open Dues, & Much More!
Event Editing Sections Update, Groups Based on Open Dues, & Much More!

Release Notes from Sprint 74

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New! Editable Righthand Section for Events

We've had several requests from organizations that want to be able to use more of the right-hand section on an event details page to showcase sponsors or to even out and balance the content on the page. 

Well now you can! Simply add text and content the same way you would for any CMS region. Click on the area below the event contact and type away.  


Ability to Override Attendee Contact Details

If you are registering an attendee for an event from the admin, you now have the ability to edit any contact information that has been auto populated by the system and/or add missing information.

If a person is registering from the front-end, the same rules will apply. They will be able to update and add content as well. 

Note: Editing the details in either place will NOT update the record in the database For Example: If John Smith registers Sally Johnson, he won't (and shouldn't) be able to update her record. John Smith in this case may not have the proper authority to do so.

Edited this article: and


Create Groups Based on "Open Dues Balance"

You now have the ability to create a group for any members who have open dues balances. You can sync this group to Mailchimp/Constant Contact to send a custom email to help collect on outstanding dues. As members pay their invoices, the group will automatically be updated and any additional follow-up emails will only go out to the appropriate members.

You can also use this new field to lock down registration for an event for those members who haven't paid their dues yet. This is another great way to get members to pay for their dues before they continue to take advantage of member benefits such as discounts on tickets, until they've paid their dues.


Lock Down Invoicing to Individual Members

We recently added a feature a few sprints back allowing you to select who exactly was able to be invoiced throughout the website:

You'll notice in the screenshot above that we took this update one step further and added a new option - User Only.

By selecting "User Only", users will only have the ability to invoice themselves, not their company or any other individuals in their family tree.


Remove Invoice Limitation Due to Delinquent Sibling

A popular feature among our associations is the "Prohibit invoice privileges for any customer that has a X days overdue balance of more than $X" setting in Association Settings. 

This setting allows you to ensure that if someone isn't paying their invoices, they aren't able to keep racking up more overdue balances. 

The original intention for the setting was to flow down the family tree. For example, if my company had an overdue balance, I couldn't choose to invoice myself instead - I received a message that there was an outstanding balance. 

The Feedback: 

After receiving feedback from you on that logic, we've made some changes to fit a variety of scenarios. More often than not, we were hearing that the family tree should not be held responsible for one member's overdue balance. 

If my company had a parent company (ex: apartment community with a management company) with an overdue balance, I was being prohibited from invoicing myself. 

Or in a society setting, if one of my co-workers had an overdue balance, I was being prohibited since I am in their family tree. In reality, we each have our own separate membership. 

The Update:

To alleviate any confusion, we've made an update to the logic that says that when checking out on the frontend of the site (Events or E-Commerce) , a member would only be prevented from invoicing if the selected billable party has an outstanding invoice exceeding the setting.


Update to "Use Parent Address" Functionality

For anyone using the "use parent address" toggle on individual records, meaning the individual takes on the billing and/or shipping address of their company, we've updated the process for when an individual changes companies. 

Previously, once someone was removed from their company, this toggle was automatically switched to "OFF" simply because there was no longer a company to inherit an address from. 

Now, if someone's company is removed, the toggle will stay turned "ON." When their new parent company is added, the person will automatically inherit that company's addresses. If no new company is added, their address will remain blank.


Limiting Primary Contact Ability to Update Company Staff

A current perk primary contacts receive (or those with management access) is the ability to view and update their company's staff list by removing or adding new staff members. 

For trade associations, this is great because the primary contact can be proactive in making sure the staff list for their company is completely up-to-date.  

However, in a society or hybrid association scenario, this might not be ideal since company staff might have their own individual memberships, so the primary shouldn't be able to remove people or add people to the list who should actually be paying dues.

We've made an update so that YOU can choose how this will work. If the first scenario applies to your membership, no action is needed. The functionality will continue to work as it does for you today.

If you find yourself more often in the second scenario, you will be able to turn off a setting in Association Settings that will remove the Staff tab from the Member Compass, ensuring that individual membership information stays protected from unwanted changes.


If you have any questions or feedback on any new features or updates, don't hesitate to reach out via Intercom!

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