What You'll Find in This Sprint's Feature Release Notes:

  1. Member Compass Staff List Status Visibility 

  2. Update to the "Merge Records" Modal for Individuals

  3. MailChimp and Constant Contact Updates: Solidifying Syncs

  4. MailChimp and Constant Contact Updates: Preventing Name Mixing From Shared Emails


1. Member Compass Staff List Status Visibility 

(For company member types limiting benefits to certain staff members)

For companies in a member type where only a certain number of their staff members receive member benefits, their main contacts need to be in the loop on who those staff members are. They also need to know who doesn't have member benefits, so they can be prepared when it comes to things like event pricing for members vs. non-members.

We've made it simple for them to do just that!

The primary contact of a company or a staff member with management access can now view staff list member statuses of their parent company

These individuals can see who is currently receiving benefits from the company and who is not. This will give them the transparency they need so they can then contact you (the association) with confidence to give or remove benefits to or from the appropriate staff members.

The statuses will appear as follows:

Inheriting - Staff members who are receiving benefits from their company.

Non-Members - Staff members who are not receiving benefits from their company.

Other member statuses may also appear in the list if an individual has their own member type, but is underneath the company member. These individuals do not count toward the number of staff receiving benefits from the company since they have their own individual membership.

Learn more about Member Status visibility for these member types here.


2. Update to the "Merge Records" Modal for Individuals

When merging two individual records in Novi, there is now more transparency around the user account section within the "Merge Records" modal so you'll never miss it! 

Remember, merging user accounts along with records allows users to retain the same login information before and after the merge. Less calls/emails from members for you is a win in our book!

We've updated the title and field, which is displayed as the last section in the modal.

Read our merge article for more information about how to merge records in Novi, and when the merge should be done in QuickBooks.


MailChimp and Constant Contact Updates

3. Solidifying Syncs

We know how important communicating effectively with your members is. That's why we've worked diligently to continuously stabilize and update the MailChimp and Constant Contact syncs. We've released a few "under-the-hood" updates and fixes to continue solidifying these in this sprint. Look out for more reliability and efficiency as we continue to work on solidifying these syncs in our next sprint and future sprints.

4. Preventing Name Mixing From Shared Emails

Association staff members using MailChimp and Constant Contact may be familiar with the issue of "merged" contact names resulting from companies and their staff sharing contact emails.

"Hi, Novi AMS Smith!" - Doesn't really sound right, does it?

We've heard your feedback on this and have been working towards solutions to prevent the mixing of company and individual names. 

Starting now, any new records synced to MailChimp or Constant Contact from Novi will only have a company name or a person name (not a mix). Only one record will appear in the contacts listing during the sync, so that the records do not merge.


Notice in the MailChimp screenshot above that the company last name is blank. First/Last name are both sent in all cases, but last name is simply blank if it is a company, which will prevent the mixing of names.

Constant Contact:

Notice in the Constant Contact screenshot above that the people records have a First Name, Last Name, AND Company (separate from their name). The company record down at the bottom only has its name.

Important Note: These updates will not affect existing contacts, since they've already been synced over to your respective email marketing platform - just new contacts moving forward. However, look out for future updates that may offer potential solutions for existing contacts.

Learn more about how MailChimp and Constant Contact handle duplicate email addresses.

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