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Non-Renew Transaction Status, New Member Sign Ups Notification, Email Sync Updates, and More!
Non-Renew Transaction Status, New Member Sign Ups Notification, Email Sync Updates, and More!

Release Notes Sprint 84

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In This Sprint's Release Notes:

  • Non-Renew Transaction Status (More context surrounding credit memos)

  • Renewal Transaction Date Updates (A follow up from last sprint's updates)

  • MailChimp & Constant Contact Updates (Sync logic update & transparency)

  • New Member Sign Ups Notification

  • Recurring Event Detail Page Date Update

  • Event Confirmation Email Update 


NEW! Non-Renew Transaction Status

You're probably familiar with our Non-Renew and Credit functionality for dues invoices that allows you to batch drop members who have not paid their dues.

You may also know that QuickBooks Online considers the status of these transactions as PAID, because in most cases, a zero-dollar payment is automatically created to link the credit memo with the outstanding invoice.

Seeing a PAID status on a non-renewed and credited record could be confusing for both you and your member. We wanted to be sure that you have a clear view of your transactions in Novi, so we are excited to introduce... the Non-Renew Transaction Status

This will give you more context surrounding your credited dues invoices and will appear in places like your transactions list, on member's accounting tabs, and recent signups!

One quick note - Keep in mind that this is a Novi feature. QuickBooks Online will still show the invoice as PAID. On that note as well, this status will only appear if the invoice is credited inside of Novi by using the Non-Renew and Credit functionality. 

>> Find out more about the new status, other very important items of note and everywhere it will appear in our Non-Renew and Credit article.


Renewal Transaction Date Updates

Transaction Date of Renewed Invoices

As a follow up to last sprint's updates regarding dues transactions, we've made an additional update surrounding renewal transaction dates and given you the ability to select your renewal transaction dates.

From this, you'll notice that your Member Type Settings - Renewal section looks a little bit different. You now have Transaction/Due Dates and Auto-Renewal.

Within these sections, "Due date for renewal invoices set to..." and "Create invoices X days before..." are previously existing settings.

"Transaction date for renewal transactions set to.." is a new setting.

This setting allows you to determine the transaction date of your dues invoices. Many associations choose 1 day after expiration for the transaction date so as to recognize revenue in the period that the dues apply to. 

However, please consult with your accountant if you have any questions regarding the best choice for your association, as the transaction date of your renewal invoices will affect when the revenue is recognized by QuickBooks Online.

Recalculate Due Date & Transaction Date

Additionally, an update has been made to the Recalculate functionality regarding renewal invoices. 

Previously, the transaction dates were not included in re-calculation.

Now, if the invoice is for a renewing member (they had an old expiration date), the due date is updated according to "Due date for invoices set to X day(s) after expiration date" in the member type settings and transaction date is updated according to "Transaction date for invoices set to x day(s) after expiration date" in the member type settings.

NOTE: If the invoice is for a new member (no old expiration date), re-calculating will not update the invoice dates.

>> Learn More About Dues Invoice Recalculation.


MailChimp & Constant Contact Updates

Individual Records Will Win If Email Conflicts With Company Email

If you've run in to the situation where a company and one (or multiple contacts) share the same email address and are syncing with MailChimp or Constant Contact, you might have noticed there not being much consistency on whether the company record or the person's record "won" during the sync.

This is because the record that was synced first was the contact record synced over, and before that update was released, both records actually merged into one. 

Now, the individual record will always win in this situation. 

We've implemented this change from great feedback that you're never emailing a company (Imagine a building trying to check its email, ha!) - you're emailing a contact at a company.

NOTE: At this time this change will apply to new contacts moving forward. Check out future upcoming release notes for information on this being retroactively applied.

Change in Email Status Update

On the above note, if the subscription status of a person with the same email as a company changes (they unsubscribe, they're removed from the group, email changes, etc.), and the company remains, the company will then be synced as the contact. 

This ensures that no email gets left behind! 

This also goes for multiple people who share the same email address. If the one synced as the contact has a subscription status change, the next person will be synced as the contact.

NEW! Email List Status

If you've ever wondered the status of your Novi groups regarding their sync with MailChimp or Constant Contact, you'll now have more visibility and transparency between the syncs than ever.

Introducing... the email sync status column, found on your Groups list!

The name of the column will reflect either MailChimp or Constant Contact, whichever you're using. If you use both, it will simply be called "Email Sync." 

  • Up To Date: Groups that have recently synced successfully will appear with an "Up To Date" status that will include the date and time of the last sync. 

  • Red Error: If your group's email sync status shows a red error this means that the sync was not successful. The cause of these errors could include list deletion in the email platform, an error on your email platform account, etc. If you're unsure, feel free to reach out via Intercom.

  • N/A: A status of N/A means that the group is not connected to a MailChimp or Constant contact list and will not sync.

  • Blank: If the email status of a group is blank, this simply means that there hasn't been any updates to the group members, or sync "triggers" since this feature was released. It does not necessarily mean that the group is not already synced.

>> Find out more about the new email sync status column.


New Member Sign Ups Notification

Thanks to your feedback, the Daily Digest email notification your association receives from Novi will now include a list of new member signups! 

For associations that have additional internal steps in their new member process, this will make it easier to take action when a new member joins.

The New Member Sign Ups list (in the Daily Digest email) will display the name of each new member as a hyperlink, so you can click and navigate directly to their Novi record. 

If the membership requires approval, based on the Member Type settings, the member's name will say "pending approval" at the end. As always, approvals can be done on the member record or in the Recent Signups section.

NOTE: The Daily Digest email notification is sent to the recipients listed in your association settings.

>> For more info, check out the Daily Digest Overview article.


Recurring Event Detail Page Display Date

The display date on recurring events now shows the "Next Date" on the frontend. Previously, this only showed the first instance of the event. If a member clicks the "Add to Calendar" button, the next date the event is occurring will be added to their calendar. 

Exceptions can still be made to recurring events if a specific occurrence needs to have its own page on the frontend. 

>> For more info, check out the Recurring Events article.


Event Confirmation Email Update

Thanks to your feedback, event confirmation emails with duplicate confirmation messages on different ticket types will now display the message once instead of repeating it for each ticket purchased. This will result in cleaner looking confirmation emails to your members!

In this example, two of the tickets had the same confirmation message (Download your parking pass here!). As you can see in the screenshot, that message only displays once. Another ticket had a different (unique) message, so that is also displayed.

>> For more info on event setup, check out the Event Ticket Setup article. 

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