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Group Event Tickets by Category & Other Exciting Product Updates!
Group Event Tickets by Category & Other Exciting Product Updates!

Release Notes Sprint 85

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In This Sprint's Release Notes:

  • Grouping Event Tickets by Category

  • "Recalculate" Dues Additional Functionality

  • Event Registrations Using A 100% Promo Code

  • Changing Custom Field Requirements

  • Membership Status Filter Options


New Features

Grouping Event Tickets by Category

If you've ever hosted an event (so, probably everyone!), you know how important it is to make your registration simple and intuitive for your attendees. We certainly believe that, which is why we introduce to you... Ticket Categories!

These ticket categories allow you to group event tickets together, so that registration is simpler to navigate on the frontend, and finding tickets that apply to you as an attendee is easier than ever - which means less questions and phone calls to you!

While this will help organize any event, it's especially helpful for larger events such as conferences that have many different types of registration options.

If a category is set up on the event registration page, purchasers are shown category headers that, per settings, can be expanded upon navigating to the page...

...Or closed!

This also applies to the backend. You'll notice that your Tickets section in events on the backend looks a little different as well when you create categories. You'll also see these categories when registering someone for an event from the backend.

And don't worry - this won't affect any of your current events unless you want it to. It only applies to those that you've chosen to set up categories for!

>> Learn more about setting up Ticket Categories here.

By the way, we'll be hosting a Novi Roundtable on hosting large events in Novi where we'll be demoing these ticket categories. If you're interested in joining, register for the Novi roundtable here!

Thank you to Dr. Joe and the CBA team for helping to make this possible!


Feature Updates

"Recalculate" Dues Additional Functionality

If you need to recalculate your dues invoices, we now added the due date and transaction date to be edited as well. This will allow you to fix dues invoice mistakes a little easier. Not that that would EVER happen! :)

Event Registrations Using A 100% Promo Code

When an attendee registers for an event (or an admin registers them from the backend) using a 100% off promo code, an invoice (with a status of PAID) is created to track the promo code usage. That part of the process has not changed - promo codes are connected to items in QuickBooks, so they need to be tracked. 

However, we've made an update in this sprint so that the invoice won't actually be emailed out when an attendee registers like it typically would be, to prevent any confusion from members. Note that if you register them from the backend and choose "Save and Send" instead of "Save and Close," the system will email the invoice.

Changing Custom Field Requirements

Your custom field list (on the backend) has been updated to include clickable columns for "Require on Frontend" and "Require on Backend" for quick and easy management of your custom field settings. These settings were previously available within each custom field, but now you can easily view and edit the settings right from your custom field list! 

Note: The ability to edit custom field requirement settings is available to Full Admins only.

Membership Status Filter Options

The "Membership Status" filter options have been updated to match your association's member type settings.

The membership status filter is available in several places, including: 

  • Member List

  • Member Engagement Report

  • Custom Reports

  • Group Conditions

Only applicable member statuses will be displayed in the filter. This is based on the member type settings, so some statuses are not applicable to some associations. 

For example, if none of your member types have a grace period or any Inheriting Members then "Grace Period" and "Inheriting" statuses will not be options in your membership status filter.

>> Check out this article for more info about Membership Status Types in Novi AMS.

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