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New Multi-Select Ticket Filter, Quickly Find Invoices Not Sent or Printed, and Several Product Updates!
New Multi-Select Ticket Filter, Quickly Find Invoices Not Sent or Printed, and Several Product Updates!

Release Notes Sprint 87

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In This Sprint's Release Notes:

New Features

  • Filter your event attendee list by multiple ticket types

  • See at-a-glance any invoices that have NOT been sent or printed

Product Updates

  • Separate address field columns in members list export

  • Add to Calendar button enhancements

  • Recent Signups list transaction information update

  • QuickBooks Payments deposit transactions information (Roundtable recap)

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New Features

Filter your event attendee list by multiple ticket types

Have you ever looked at your attendee list on an event and wished that you could look at attendees within a select few different ticket types without pulling a custom report? 

Well great news! We've added the ability to filter and select multiple ticket types right within the attendee list. Previously, you could only view attendees within all tickets or one specific ticket. Now, hand pick which tickets you'd like to view registrations for. No need to create a custom report or sort in Excel!

This will function in a similar manner to multi-select custom fields. Simply select the tickets you'd like to view attendees for using the Filter, and the list will update for you! To remove a selection, click on it and press "Delete" on your keyboard.

A big thank you goes out to Leadership Florida and the Catholic Biblical Association for this impactful feature request!

See at-a-glance any invoices that have NOT been sent or printed

Sending out your open invoices, whether by email or snail mail, is just as important as creating them. Otherwise, your members might not even know that they exist until they log in to the site. Not ideal, right? 

Let's take dues renewals as an example. By design, Novi does not automatically email out the generated renewal invoices. While we create them, we want to make sure that a set of eyes can review them before they go out to all of your members.

Additionally, you may recall seeing several areas of the site where you can choose to "Save & Close" or "Save & Send," such as when an admin is registering someone for an event. If you select "Save & Close," that invoice is not sent to the purchaser.

Those invoices need to be sent so that you can collect your revenue (definitely don't want to miss any opportunities there!). You can do this in bulk, but of course, you need to know exactly WHICH invoices haven't been sent yet in order to do that. 

That's why we've made it easier than ever to find these invoices with THIS new member stage filter:

Simply click on the blue box to filter the transactions list to all open invoices that have not been emailed or printed.

In fact, we recommend that someone on your staff is designated to check your invoices not set or printed on a set schedule that works for your association. Perhaps weekly, or even more frequently. (Especially if you're on Anniversary renewals and have members renewing at different dates through the month.)


Product Updates

Separate address field columns in members list export

Utilizing the Members list and its filters is a great way to easily see and export basic information about your members without having to pull custom reports - especially when pulling address information.

We've made a few updates to the Members list export* that will (hopefully!) make this even simpler for you!

Now, when you export information from the Members list to a CSV file, you'll see not only the Billing Address in the export, but also the Shipping Address! (Historically, only the billing address was included.)

Additionally, this information will be broken out into its respective fields in separate columns, instead of being grouped into one field, which should make pulling the information you need simpler and more efficient!

As a reminder, here's how you can export from the Members list:

*Note: This update is exclusive to the Members list export.

Add to Calendar button enhancements

An unexpected win this sprint surrounded a popular feature with members - the Add to Calendar button for events.

> The Background

In a nutshell, the previous Add to Calendar button was powered by a 3rd party tool added at the request of customers a few years ago to allow members to quickly add events to their Outlook or Google calendars.

Early in this sprint, a few customers reported strange text showing on their event pages. After digging a bit, our engineers discovered that the 3rd party tool powering the feature was discontinued, which caused some wonkiness.

In the moment, we were able to quickly hide the button, but knowing how much your members use that feature, we knew that wasn't enough, so in true Novi fashion... we built our own!

> The Update

Now, this section is no longer dependent on a 3rd party, which actually allowed us to enhance the feature as we built our own version.

We were able to provide a better user experience for members by providing more options. 

Members who select Outlook 365 or Google will automatically be shown a prepared calendar entry in their respective email platform, so all they need to do is Save the entry. 

Members who select Apple, Outlook Desktop, or Other Calendars will be given an ICS file* to easily download to their calendars.

*An ICS file is a calendar file saved in a universal calendar format.

Recent Signups list transaction information update

The Recent Signups list has been updated to now show the oldest open dues invoice (including open or overdue status) if there are multiple on the record for any reason. If there is not an open dues invoice, then the most recent transaction will be displayed instead (e.g. a sales receipt).

Another helpful update is that voided invoices will now show in Recent Signups as "Voided" instead of their previous status, "Paid."

>> Learn more about the Recent Signups list

QuickBooks Payments deposit transactions information

If you caught our last roundtable on QuickBooks Payments and Accounting or have seen the Intercom messages over the last few weeks, you've heard about the update to deposit transactions.

If you weren't on the call, and you work with your association's accounting, be sure to check out the first part of the recording! 

In short, if you have been manually batching your deposit transactions after seeing the "Some QuickBooks payments deposits weren't automatically recorded..." message in QuickBooks, the chances of seeing that are now greatly reduced!

We worked with QuickBooks to find out why this message was appearing for our customers and to update the process moving forward.


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