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New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
Let's Get Social! Check Out Novi's New YouTube & Instagram Updates, and more!
Let's Get Social! Check Out Novi's New YouTube & Instagram Updates, and more!

Release Notes Sprint 88

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In This Sprint's Release Notes:

New Features

  • Add a YouTube icon to your website's footer

  • Members can add an Instagram handle to their profile

Product Updates

  • A restricted page message will display for locked-down blog/news articles & categories

  • Update to the Group & Leadership Role Add/Remove buttons

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New Features

YouTube has become a popular way for all types of companies to showcase their content, and associations are no different, so we've added a YouTube icon to your website's footer! 

Just like the existing social media icons, the YouTube icon will only be displayed in your website's footer if you add your association's YouTube URL to the settings. To add this link:

  • Go to Association Settings on the backend (by clicking your name at the top right)

  • Click on the Association tab

  • Scroll down to the Social Media section

  • Type (or copy/paste) your association's YouTube URL in the Link to YouTube Channel field

  • Click the Save & Close button

Instagram Handle on Profile for Members

In the association world, networking and connecting is so important! As we all know, social media is a great way to do that. We know that your members like to stay social, so we've added the ability for them to link to their Instagram (our favorite social media platform) in their profile!

They'll just need to enter their handle via the Member Compass. If an individual has access to edit a company's profile, this can also be added for companies. If the record is in the directory, an icon with a link to their Instagram will appear!

You will also see the Instagram field on records in the admin side (backend). We recommend that you check your settings in the Member Fields section - so you can turn the field on/off or require it. You'll also be able to pull reports based on it as well.

Novi Tip: Be sure to let your members know about this update so they can provide you with the info - maybe through an email campaign or utilizing the alert section on the Member Compass!


Product Updates

Locked Down Blog/News Articles & Categories Now Display the Restricted Page Message

As you may know, blog/news categories can be locked down to a group, allowing you to restrict access to articles within those categories. In this sprint, we've updated the functionality of what a user will see if they do not have permission to view a blog article/category.

If someone who does not meet the group's conditions tries to view a restricted blog article/category, they will be directed to the standard "restricted page" message. For example, if a non-member clicks a link to view a blog article that is locked down to a members-only Group, they will be taken to this page:

Previously, clicking on a restricted article or category without the proper permissions would lead you back to the main blog/news page.

>> More info on Blog Articles & Categories

Group & Leadership Role Add/Remove Button Update

A few associations reported intermittent issues with the Add or Remove buttons when individually adding records to groups or leadership roles. Typically, the report was that the button was un-clickable. We were able to pinpoint this issue to some interference with background tools we use on certain browsers. If you experienced this in the past, this issue should be resolved!


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Missed a recent Roundtable?

No problem! We'll add the recap and recording for each of the Roundtables within a few days. You can find them in the Novi Roundtables section of our Help Center! Our latest recaps include the Website Content & Design Customization Roundtable and the Developer Demo Roundtable.

Upcoming Roundtables

  • May 15: Automation with Zapier & QuickBooks Online - Find out how we use Zapier to automate a number of our internal processes, ultimately saving us lots of time. After a quick demo, we'll have a roundtable discussion, brainstorming how associations might be able to leverage the power of Zapier within their organization.

  • May 22: Membership Data & Custom Fields - Join your counterparts from across the country to discuss membership data and custom fields. Let's ask tough questions & share best practices.

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