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Time Zones on Events, More Intuitive Email Fields, and More!
Time Zones on Events, More Intuitive Email Fields, and More!

Release Notes Sprint 89

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In This Sprint's Release Notes:

New Product Features & Updates

  • Time zones will now be displayed on Events

  • Social icons now have improved margins and spacing

  • Email fields will ignore white space, resulting in less errors for members

  • Dropped new members will be automatically cleared from the Recent Signups list

  • Updated error message when an image won't upload to Novi because the file type and name don't match

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New Product Features & Updates

Time Zone Display on Events

As you may know, we use Novi to run Novi! You may have signed up for the Summit or an upcoming roundtable on our HQ site. In doing so, we took your feedback we received into consideration, saw a need, and made an update. Your association's time zone will now be displayed on events!

This is especially great for webinars and other events where members from different locations will be joining. 

A few items of note:

  • The time zone displayed will be based on your time zone's settings in your Association Settings. 

  • This update will account for daylight savings time. (Ex: You'll see 8 am EST or EDT depending on the date of the event)

  • "All Day Events" like conferences or other multi-day events will not show a time zone.

  • You'll see the time zone in the following areas: the main event details page, in the admin section event details once a date/time have been selected, event registration confirmation emails, event reminder emails, the event registration success page, and next to tickets that are available during a certain date range.

Social Icon Formatting Update

In our last sprint, we added the YouTube icon as an option to display in your website's footer, and Instagram on Member Directory profiles for members to add. In this sprint, we've further improved the margins and spacing for both of those areas when all of the icons are being used/the icons wrap to a second line.

Reminder: If you ever need to update your social media URLs (in your website's footer), go to Association Settings on the backend, and then click the Association tab and scroll to the Social Media section. Members can update their social media icons in their Member Compass.

Website Footer:

Member Directory Profile:

Ignore White Space in Email Fields

User experience on your website is important, so when we noticed that members were receiving an "invalid email" warning if there was a space at the end of their email address, we decided to improve the functionality. With this update, all email fields in Novi will ignore white space. So if the member enters their email address correctly but there is a space at the end, the login or "save" will still go through. 

While this may seem like a minor update, it will have a big impact on your members' experience with your website! They can now copy/paste their email address from an external source, which oftentimes includes a space at the end (yes, Excel, we're talking about you!). Our main goal with this update is to reduce confusion for your members, and result in less customer support questions for you (and Novi!), so it's a win all around!

Dropped new members automatically cleared from the Recent Signups list

A recent update allowed for records that were manually updated to Non-Member or Prospect status to be automatically removed from the Recent Signups list. 

Now, running a Non-Renew and Credit on a new member, which automatically updates the record to a Prospect status, will also automatically remove them from Recent Signups!

This way, if you want to keep the "not approved" member in your system for tracking purposes after you have dropped them, but don't necessarily want to make them inactive by deactivating them, you can!

All you need to do is run a  Non-Renew and Credit on the dues invoice, which will convert a new member to a Prospect, create a credit memo and zero-dollar payment to cancel out the dues invoice, and automatically clear the record from the recent signups list.

> Learn about the Recent Signups section

Improved Image Upload Error Message

In certain instances, Novi blocks image uploads for security purposes. One condition that will cause an error in uploading is if the file type is different than the file name. Example: If you're trying to upload a PNG image but the filename is something like imagename.JPG, an error message will appear.

In order to help you understand why an image may not be working and how to fix it, we updated the error message to be more descriptive.

If you ever run into this, simply open the image on your computer and export it as the correct file type, re-save the image, then re-upload to Novi.


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