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Manual password reset links, updated email template refresh, and more!
Manual password reset links, updated email template refresh, and more!

Release Notes Sprint 94

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Behind the scenes this sprint, we're continuing to make progress with the new member signup work. In total this sprint, we've worked on 18 stories/projects. Here are the highlights!

New Features

  • Password reset link now displayed on member's record so admin can send directly to the member

Product Updates

  • Updated email templates

  • Improved search functionality for custom report conditions and columns


New Features

Getting your users logged in to your website is important for many reasons, and sometimes they need help - especially if the password reset email is not being delivered. Email deliverability issues are most often out of our hands and it comes down to your member's IT settings. 

To circumvent this, the admin may prefer to copy/paste and send a password reset link directly to the member, separate from the transactional email from the site. 

Once a password reset link has been sent to a member, that unique URL will now be displayed on the Settings tab of their record. This applies to password resets from the backend by an admin or requested from the frontend by the user.

Simply click the "Copy Link" button to copy the URL to your clipboard. Then you can paste it into an email or even in a live chat - wherever you want!

Important note: Keep in mind that while this will solve the immediate issue and allow the user to get logged in, if this is also the main email address on the record, the user will likely still have issues receiving other transactional emails from the site, such as event confirmation emails. If emails aren't being delivered, the user should still get with their IT department to whitelist your domain or use a different email address. Learn more about email deliverability here.


Product Updates

Email Template Refresh

We're excited to release our new and improved email templates for transactional emails from the website, which are easier to read, have optimized designs, and look crisper on multiple devices! 

We've made major updates to not only how the email templates look, but also how they operate in various browser/device combination scenarios. In fact, we tested these new templates on hundreds of different browsers and devices. 

When referring to "transactional" emails, we're referring to emails coming from your site - password resets, event confirmations, contact form submissions, etc. We've made updates to things like:

  • Making it simpler behind the scenes to incorporate your brand and colors

  • Adding more padding in certain areas to streamline text

  • Re-ordering sections of the templates for clarity and visual appeal

  • Adding stylized Alt text when email providers like Outlook don't show images

  • Updating mobile with larger fonts for legibility, more spacing, etc

  • Footer logo and info rearranging

  • Updating widths/heights to help centering/alignment on different browsers

  • ...and much more!

Here is an example of a new event confirmation email template:

Feel free to use a test account to check out the new templates on your site! And please let us know in Intercom if you have any questions or find any issues with your new email templates.

Custom Report Conditions and Columns Update

Being able to pull custom reports is important for understanding and viewing your members' information. That's why we've made it even more simple to find what you're looking for! 

Now, instead of searching through the lists of columns and conditions for what you need to find, you can easily search for a phrase that contains parts of both the section header and the specific field. 

In the example below, if you need to pull a report based on a certain member type, your section header is Member Type Info, and your specific field is the Name

Instead of typing a vague term like "Name" and scrolling to look for the member type section, simply type in "Member Type Name" and your selection for a column or condition will appear.


Novi Summit Recap

The 2019 Novi Summit was a success! Thank you to everyone who participated in sharing their ideas and making our Novi community better as a whole. 

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