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Create User Account When Creating New Record, Add to Calendar Feature in Confirmation Emails, and More!
Create User Account When Creating New Record, Add to Calendar Feature in Confirmation Emails, and More!

Release Notes Sprint 95

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In total, we worked on and completed 20 stories/projects for this release. The majority of these items helped bring us right up to the finish line of the new member signup work! We'll keep you posted with future communications on that.

Another reason we're excited for this release is because we present to you... the features that were voted on during the backlog session at Novi Summit!

For those of you who weren't able to join us for the Summit, we gave attendees a peek into the famous Novi backlog and let them live vote on the prioritization of upcoming features and updates. 

Check it out below:

New Features

  • Admins can now create a user account at the same time they create a record

  • Event attendees can now add an event to their calendar from their event confirmation email

Product Updates

  • Member list export now splits out individuals' names by first and last name

  • Contact information order swap on Member Compass Profile

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New Features

Create New Record & User Account in One Step

An important part of engaging your members and providing them with member benefits relies on the member logging in to your website. This is why we've made it even easier for admins to create user accounts at the same time as creating a new person record. 

In the Add New Person modal, there is now a toggle to "Create & Send User Account Invite on Save." After entering the person's email address in the Email field, this setting can be toggled to ON. After entering all of the person's information, click the Save & Close button, which will create the new record and send an email to the person with a link to set their password.

Note: If the person wants to use one email address for communications (e.g. their work email) and a different email address as their username (e.g. their personal gmail), leave this setting toggled to OFF. After creating the new record, go to their Settings tab and create their User Account with the second email address.

Add Event to Calendar via the Event Confirmation Email

It's no secret that we all live by our calendars nowadays. Your members currently have the opportunity to add an event to their calendar from the event page, but now we're also adding the option to their event confirmation email! 

We found that once the member had registered for the event, they weren't as likely to go back to the event page since they had most of the details they needed in their confirmation email. So, they sometimes might miss the opportunity to add it to their calendar from there. 

Now, it will be front and center when they're reviewing their event confirmation email information! This will work the same way as the current event page functionality works. They'll be able to add it to Outlook, Apple, Google, Outlook 365.


Product Updates

Member Export Splits First & Last Names Into Separate Columns

If you ever use your member export file for a project that requires merge fields, then you're probably very familiar with the "Convert Text to Columns" feature in Excel. Or maybe you just want to sort your member list by last name. Novi wants to save you even more time by completing this step for you! 

CSV downloads from the Members list in Novi will still have each record's Display Name in column A, but now they will also have the following in separate columns (for person records):

  • Title

  • First Name

  • Middle Name

  • Last Name

  • Suffix

This may seem small to some, but we know there are many admins who will love this update for the time it saves them!

Member Compass Profile Information Swap

A slight, but powerful tweak! We've moved a few fields around on the Member Compass Profile section for individuals. 

Previously, you may have noticed that information like social media handles, a headshot, etc. was displayed before more basic details like email and phone number in the Member Compass Profile. 

We've swapped the two sections so that basic contact information is listed first. This will bring the generally "more important" information higher up on the page, increasing the likelihood that your members will provided the info when they edit their member compass (if, of course, it is not already required).

Note that for now, this just affects the Member Compass Profile, but look out for big changes coming soon with the new member signup update!


Upcoming Novi AMS Roundtables

Join the Novi team and your association peers for our weekly roundtables where we host discussions on various topics relating to using Novi.

Below you will find the upcoming roundtables for August and September. To sign up, click the link for a topic that you're interested in!

August 2019

  • 8/21/19: Career Center Best Practices - Join us and our co-hosts, WebScribble, for a roundtable discussion on career center best practices. Feel free to show off your process for posting jobs!

September 2019

  • 9/11/19: Dues Rules & Renewals - Come join us for a roundtable discussion on dues rules and renewals. This is the perfect chance to show off your crafty automation! 

  • 9/18/19: Accessibility Best Practices - Join us for a roundtable discussion on accessibility best practices. Let us know about ways you're improving your website's accessibility!

  • 9/25/19: Remote Work Communication - Join our roundtable discussion on remote work communication. Feel free to show off the ways you're increasing member engagement remotely!


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