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Multi-Select Custom Field Option Updates, Featured Listings For Select Member Types, and More!
Multi-Select Custom Field Option Updates, Featured Listings For Select Member Types, and More!

Release Notes Sprint 97

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In this sprint, we worked on 34 stories/projects. Below are the highlights!

We also unveiled our new member signup work! If you weren't able to make it to the Roundtable, you can find the New Member Signup Roundtable Recap here. We discussed the upcoming update to member signup including setting up key information in preparation for the updates, new memberships and renewals via the member compass, changing member types, changing parent members, and more.

New Features

  • Edit "set of options" custom field selections after data has already been collected on existing options

  • Feature directory listings for only certain member types, allowing other member types shown in the directory to have full profiles

Product Updates

  • Contact Us form will now include a field for those contacting you to enter an organization name

  • You may now search the members list as an admin by Address Line 2

  • We've moved a section for analytics tracking and other scripts, that was previously hidden, to Association Settings to give you control over your third-party scripts and code

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New Features

"Set of Options" Custom Field Updates

We've overhauled the functionality of the "Set of Options" custom field type to give admins the ability to edit the list of options without losing data. In the past you could only add and remove options, but now you can perform all of these actions:

  • Add New Option

  • Remove Option & Replace Existing Values

  • Remove Option & Clear Existing Values

  • Rename Existing Option

  • Change Display Order (drag & drop)

In the "Edit Custom Field" modal, the list of options now looks like this:

Featured Directory Listings are a great way to bring in some ancillary income, by selling premiere listings in the Member Directory.

Previously, if you chose to use Featured Listings, it applied sitewide. Any record in the Member Directory that was not featured could not have a full profile - just their name and basic contact info appeared.

But now...

We've added a new setting that allows you to really dial in which member types utilize featured members, and which member types should function normally!

Depending on how you use featured listings, this allows you to sell featured listings to some member types and not to others, keeping full profiles for the latter.

For example, you may want to use featured listings for Vendors/Associates/Suppliers, but not for other member types. By using this setting, your other member types would all be capable of having full member directory profiles, while only Vendors who are marked as featured would be capable of such. Non-featured Vendors would be limited to their name and basic contact information, as they were previously.

Already using Featured Listings and want to start utilizing this feature? It's simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Member Type Settings tab for each member type that you want all members to have full profiles for.

  2. Select "Show profile details for non-featured members"

  3. Save the member type!


Product Updates

Contact Form Now Includes a Field for Organization Name

The form on your "Contact Us" page now includes a field for the person's Organization Name so the admin who receives the email can determine their membership status. 

Search by Address 2 on the Members List

In addition to Name, Email, and Address 1, admins can now search by Address 2 on the backend Members list.

Add Code to Head Tags and Body Script via Association Settings

We are now empowering you to manage your third-party codes on your website - such as code from Google Tag Manager, LiveChat, AddThis, etc. Previously, this was a section that only the Novi team could edit for you, but is now available to you via Association Settings on your site! Learn more here.

Set of Options Fields Now Available in the API

For those using the Novi API to securely share your membership data, you'll be pleased to know that set-of-options custom fields are now supported via the API! Want to learn more about the API? This article will give you the rundown!


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Upcoming Novi AMS Roundtables

Join the Novi team and your association peers for our weekly roundtables where we host discussions on various topics relating to using Novi.

To sign up, click the link below for a topic that you're interested in. Here are the next 4 roundtables coming up!

  • 9/18/2019: Accessibility Best Practices - A discussion on accessibility best practices on your Novi website!

  • 9/25/2019: Feathr - Digital marketing offers a wealth of data that your association can benefit from – no matter how big or small your team is. With the right tools in place, your marketing campaigns become more precise, and powerful analytics let you see what’s working and what’s not. Learn more with Novi and Feathr!

  • 10/9/2019: Email Deliverability Tips - Come join the Novi team for a roundtable discussion on email communication deliverability. Bring your questions, and feel free to show off the ways you're increasing deliverability (say no to spam!) and open rates.

  • 10/10/2019: Remote Work Communication - Join us to discuss remote work communication and the ways you're increasing member engagement remotely. A great example we heard at Novi Summit was giving new member orientations via video conferencing (e.g. Zoom) rather than in-person.

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