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In this sprint, we worked on 48 stories/projects. Here are the highlights!

New Features

  • You can now update the purchaser information on both Orders and Event registrations!

  • Lock down custom fields associated with dues rules

  • Limit Number of Selections in Custom Field Set of Options

  • New Group Condition for "Inheriting Records"

  • Deactivating a record removes them as the Primary/Billing Contact for their parent company.

Product Updates

  • Notification If Editing Customer Record At The Same Time As Someone Else

  • Better transparency for "admin" changes now in the audit log

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New Features

Change Purchaser on an Order

Occasionally there's a need to edit the Purchaser on an order. This is typically when a member accidentally purchases a product as a guest, and you want the information in the Orders list to show the member's actual record instead of Novi Guest.

Novi now displays the Purchaser's Name, Email, and Phone fields within the Order modal.

To edit the purchaser on the Order list, simply click Edit next to the purchase you want to edit. The Purchaser Information Name field will now be open to edit - you can select a member record from your system or type a new name (which will show up as a Novi Guest record).

Important Items of Note (Please read!):

  • Please note that this does NOT update the Purchaser on the original transaction. This information is only updated in the Orders list inside of Novi. The transaction will still be on the original purchaser's record, whether that's a member record or Novi Guest. If you want to update the transaction to show the new Purchaser, you'll need to make those changes in QuickBooks Online.

  • If you select a record from your database in the Purchaser Name drop-down, the Email and Phone fields will be locked down in the order modal. To edit a member's contact information, you'll need to go to the member's record and update there. The new email/phone will then transfer to the order.

Change Purchaser on an Event Registration

Much like changing the purchaser on an order above, you can now also change the purchaser on an event registration! The typical use case for this is also when a member accidentally registers as a guest (instead of being logged in), and you want the information in the attendee list to show the member's actual record instead of Novi Guest.

Simply click "Edit" next to your registration, and you'll see the Purchaser Information section available for you to update.

Also similar to the above, please note that this does NOT update the Purchaser on the transaction. This information is only updated on the Attendee list in Novi. The transaction will still be on the original purchaser's record, whether that's a member record or Novi Guest. 

Lock Down Custom Fields Associated With Dues Rules

Dues rules calculating properly are clearly important to running your association! Dues can be based on all types of custom fields - employee count, tiers, unit count, complimentary members, etc., so protecting these fields is very important.

You wouldn't want, say, a new association staff member deleting one of the fields (and all of its data!) that is driving your dues calculations.

That's why we're introducing a few safeguards to protect these dues rules:

  1. If a dues rule is tied to a custom field, it cannot be deleted. It must be removed from the dues rule first.

  2. The visibility of the field cannot be removed from Dues Rules if it is currently  in use.

  3. The field cannot be unchecked from “Key Information.”

  4. The field cannot be removed from a member type that it is locked down to that's currently using this custom field in a dues rule.

  5. The field cannot be changed regarding "Show for Companies" or "Show for Individuals."

Upon opening the custom field, you will receive a message like the following (where the member type links are clickable!) and you will not be able to make the changes above:

Limit Number of Selections in Custom Field Set of Options

One of our favorite updates this sprint is to the settings on the "Set of Options" custom field type. Admins now have the ability to limit the number of items a frontend user can select for a multi-select custom field.

This is great news for associations using a set of options custom field for specialties. Instead of choosing between a limit of one or leaving it unlimited, you can now limit your supplier/vendor members (for example) to two categories (or any number!). Then create an Ecommerce product where they can purchase additional categories.

The limit set on a multi-select custom field only applies to frontend users so that, admins cans till enter an unlimited number of options from the backend. More info about how to edit "set of options" custom fields.

New Group Condition for Inheriting Records

When using "Membership Status" as a Group condition in Novi, you will now see an additional option for "Inheriting" records. More info about membership status types.

Deactivated Record Removed as the Primary/Billing Contact

When an admin deactivates a person's record, the system will automatically remove them as the Primary/Billing Contact of their parent company, if applicable.


Product Updates

Notification If Editing Customer Record At The Same Time As Someone Else

If you and another staff member, or even members themselves, are editing a profile at the exact same time, whose information should be saved? In this case, the system can't make that decision for you and inherently know whose changes are more important.

What we can do, however, is help you prevent overwriting other's changes! 

Admins will now receive a warning message on the backend of the website when you attempt to save a record currently being edited by someone else - whether that someone is another admin, the member, or even you (if you have two screens open on the same record)! 

Note: This message will only appear to admins on the backend. Frontend users do not receive a warning if an admin is editing their profile on the backend while they are editing on the frontend.

Tip: If you do receive this warning message, simply open a new window and copy/paste your changes if you don't want to lose them.

Audit Log Admin Permission Transparency

Previously, changes to admin permissions (making someone an Admin or Limited Admin user) were not present in the audit log. Now, you'll be able to see when a change was made to this information for a user and who made it!


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