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New Member Signup Info, Updating Dues, Product Updates, & More!
New Member Signup Info, Updating Dues, Product Updates, & More!

Release Notes Sprint 100

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In this sprint, we worked on 25 stories/projects. Here are the highlights!

General Updates

Product Updates

  • Order numbers are now sequential

  • "Skip To Content" link for screen readers

  • "New Order Received" notification email will now be sent for orders placed by an admin

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New Member Signup

Very exciting news in the Novi world: A few weeks ago, we released the work we've been focusing on over the last few months... new member signup!

You may have noticed changes to how your member registration process looks and feels, new things that members are empowered do on their own, new admin settings and more! 

We've worked hard to streamline this process - making it simpler for members to signup on the website and easier for admins to process and capture information from them.

This Member Signup Overview article runs through the process for both admins and members, including information about existing features as well as what's new. Specifically, when it comes to setting up your online membership application, and seeing what members will experience when joining or manually renewing via the frontend of your website.

A few brief highlights:

  • Set fields as "Key Information" to collect upon initial signup or manual renewal

  • Non-member & Prospect signup from member compass

  • Incomplete Signups appearing in your Recent Signups list

  • Streamlined and modern look & feel to the signup process

  • ...and much more!


Updating Your Member Types & Dues

If your members are on an end-of-the-year calendar anniversary cycle, 'tis the season for renewals! Even if your members expire other times in the year, or are on anniversary renewal cycle, this is a great time to evaluate your setup. 

Please review these settings prior to your renewals running. This will ensure that your renewals include the proper amounts/information and will prevent having to run a recalculation. (Need a quick auto-renewal refresher? Check it out here!)

Not sure where to get started? We've worked on updating some of our Educate Articles on this information. We highly recommend giving the below articles a read!

And remember...if you would like to do a run-through with a Novi team member on your setup or changes to it, you can always schedule a one-on-one workshop!

  •  Update Dues Rules for Next Membership Year - Whether or not you have changes to make, we highly recommend reviewing your dues rules before each renewal period. If you do have any changes, such as an increase in the annual dues amount, this article will show you how to change the dues amount (and other settings) for the upcoming membership year prior to renewals running.

  •  Transaction Dates & Payments - Please pay special attention to the transaction date for auto-renewals in this one. Earlier this year, we released a feature that allows the auto-renewal invoice date to be in the next membership period. The default auto-renewal invoice transaction date (if not updated) is 1 day after expiration date. This means that if your member expires on 12/31/19, the renewal invoice date will appear as 1/1/2020. If you would rather that the invoice date show show the true day that the invoice was created, this can be done as well. Ultimately this is up to how your and your accountant would like to handle this.

  •  Member Type Settings - This article will run you through different sections within the Settings tab of each of your member types. These may not change year-to-year, but doing a quick review will ensure that settings like the invoice transaction date mentioned above are best dialed in to your association's needs.


Product Updates

Sequential Order Numbers

We've made an update so that product order numbers are no longer random. They will now be sequential to provide easier organization for admins. We'll look for the highest number and go up from there.

As we continue to improve accessibility on Novi websites, our latest addition is a link in the top toolbar that allows screen readers to jump to the page's main content blocks. This will also be helpful to users who can see the page but are using a keyboard, rather than a mouse, to navigate the website. 

The "Skip To Content" link will be available on all pages of your website, but will not be visible unless the user hits the Tab key when they first land on a page. The first time they hit Tab the link will appear in the left side of the top toolbar area. 

  • Clicking on the link, or hitting Enter on the keyboard, will jump the user past the navigation and to the top featured section.

  • Or, if they hit Tab again, the link will disappear.

"New Order Received" Notification Email for Admins

The notification email that is sent when a new order is placed by a user on the frontend will now also be sent if the order is placed by an admin on the backend. We learned that some associations have follow-up steps that are triggered by this email, so they need to receive it whether the order was placed by a member or association staff.


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