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New Product Page Purchases List, Updates to Manual Links, and more!
New Product Page Purchases List, Updates to Manual Links, and more!

Release Notes Sprint 101

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In this sprint, we worked on 40 projects. Here are the highlights!

New Features

  • Product pages now have a whole new look and new reporting functionality!

Software Updates

  • Website Field on Areas of Expertise Report

  • Website Content Manual Links for Internal Pages

  • Novi Tip: "Incomplete Signup" Status In Recent Signups

Novi Roundtables

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New Features

Ecommerce Updates: Easily View & Update Product Purchases & Details

If you utilize Ecommerce Products, this update is for you! We've updated the look and feel of the product pages and given you some important additional info about your purchases. 

The next time you view a product on the backend of Novi, you'll be taken to a page with information about that specific product, instead of viewing the settings in a pop-up modal. The main advantage to this new format is that we can now display additional information so admins can see more details about past purchases.

At the top of the product page, the product Name and Category are displayed. On the top right, you can see the total dollar amount sold over the last 30 days. We've also included a link to view the product on the frontend.

Each product page now has two tabs:

  1. Purchases

  2. Details


The Purchases tab of a product shows line item details from all orders that contain this particular product. Now, you can quickly see at a glance who has purchased each product.

  • This list can be filtered by Order Status and/or a Date range. 

  • You can also search by Order # or Purchaser.

  • In the Action column, clicking the Edit Order link will open the order itself in a pop-up modal.

  • Notice the addition of dollar amount columns. Note that the total shown at the bottom is based on the overall filter settings - not just the total for that page. For example, if a filter results in 55 orders but the list is set to only show 25 orders at a time, the Total at the bottom will still be for all 55 orders. Also, please note that there will be some updates to these columns in the near future, so please look out for those in an upcoming release.

  • Subscription renewals will not show on the Purchases tab since they are not new orders.

  • Note that the Purchases tab is restricted to Novi purchases. If a product invoice is created or edited inside of QuickBooks Online instead of Novi for any reason, you will not see those purchases here.


The Details tab of a product now houses the details of a product that you're used to editing in a pop-up modal. This is where you can edit things about the product like the Pricing, Settings, Visibility, Description, Accounting, and SEO information.

As mentioned, we're continuing to work on these product pages and updates to Ecommerce functionality, so stay tuned for more exciting updates and updated Educate Articles soon! 


Software Updates

Website Field on Areas of Expertise Report

In the Areas of Expertise report, (a pre-built report under the Reporting tab), you may now pull the Website field into the report results! This is especially helpful for those who pull the Areas of Expertise report for a print directory. Note that this in addition to the existing fields that can be added to the report.

To do so, simply navigate to the gear icon in the top right corner, and select the appropriate fields that you'd like to appear in the results:

A special shoutout to San Antonio Apartment Association for pioneering this update!

Please note that this does not apply if your Areas of Expertise/specialties are being handled with a custom field rather than the general Areas of Expertise feature. If this is the case for you, you may pull similar info through a custom report.

Manual Links serve an important function in setting up your website's navigation. They allow you to setup a non-clickable item to organize your navigation, to link to another website other than your own, and lesser known, to link to certain internal pages that aren't already a part of the available drag-and-drop navigation pages.

For example, you know how to link to the Member Directory, but have you considered linking to a specific member type in the directory in the navigation? This specific page doesn't already exist as a drag-and-drop navigation item, but it does have its own URL once you use the directory filter, so you can add it as a navigation item. You could always do so, but we've made it simpler!

To do this, simply:

  • Head to Static Content > Website Navigation

  • Select Add Manual Link

  • Give the link a name

  • Enter ONLY the URL path after your domain name. For example, if the website link is, you only need to enter the "/members/?MemberType=1049" part.

Novi Tip: "Incomplete Signup" Status In Recent Signups

In your Recent Signups section, you may have noticed new prospective members with a status of "Incomplete Signup." We released this update a few sprints back, but if you're ever curious on what that status means, don't forget to check out the AE Tip in the top right corner of your Recent Signups list!


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Upcoming Novi AMS Roundtables

Novi Roundtables are weekly opportunities for Novi customers to be able to virtually gather and discuss a specific topic relating to association work.

This is a discussion amongst attendees, not a webinar! A Novi team member will be in attendance to moderate each discussion. To sign up, click the link below for a topic that you're interested in!

To sign up, click the link below for a topic that you're interested in! Here are the remaining 2019 roundtables:

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