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Release Notes Sprint 102

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In this sprint, we worked on 32 projects. Here are the highlights!


Custom fields for member records now pre-populate in event registrations

We love simplifying processes! Custom field values collected on individual's member records will now pre-populate during frontend or admin event registration, when added to a ticket.

For more information, check out the "Custom Field Population From Member Record Fields During Event Registration" section of this article: Adding Custom Fields to Your Event Tickets

Items of Note:

  • The custom field must be set as visible on both member records and event registrations.

  • The data only pre-populates if the purchaser is logged in and the attendee's member record is chosen during registration.

  • Purchasers can edit the value in the event registration, but it will not update the member record (for security purposes - Jim can register Sally, but Sally probably doesn't want Jim being able to edit her personal profile information).

  • Changes to the member record after registration will not update the attendee record. The historic value from the time of registration remains.

  • This applies to new member registrations moving forward and will not change values for currently registered attendees for upcoming events.


Ecommerce Product Updates - limit quantity, date availability, & more!

New options for limiting product availability:

  • Set a date range for when a product can be purchased. In addition to adding a Start and End date, you can decide if the product should only be visible during that time period.

  • Set a limit for the total quantity available. Until the limit is reached, users will see a badge with the number of "Items Remaining" - this is a great way to prompt users to purchase before it sells out! Then, when the quantity limit is reached, users will see a "Sold Out" badge on the product. Admins can override this limit when creating orders on the backend.

New columns added to the Purchases tab:

  • Net Amount - See the net amount of each item purchased (Net Amount = Price Paid - Discount). The total at the bottom of the Net Amount column is the total across all pages of the Purchases list (not just the total for the items on page 1). If you filter the list, the total will update based on the filter.

  • Order Type - See the source of the orders in the Purchases list - Store, Membership Add-on, Event Add-on, or Placed by Admin. You can also filter the list by order type.

  • Related Event - If the source of the order was from an event, this column will link to the specific event that this product was purchased from as an add-on. This column also appears in the Orders section.

For more information on the new Ecommerce features above and general recent updates, check out these related articles:

  • Novi Product Details - Learn more about the available setup options for your Ecommerce products, including required and optional settings.

  • Novi Product Purchases - View the purchase details of a specific product all in one place: Purchaser, Order Type & Status, Quantity, Price Paid & Discount, and more!


Product Add-On orders & notifications update, regardless of fulfillment status

Previously, product add-ons from membership or event purchases did not produce an order in the Orders list or send admins a notification to the email in Association Settings > Ecommerce if fulfillment was turned off.

We've updated this process so that Product Add-On purchases will always generate an order in your Ecommerce Orders list and be visible under the Purchases tab of a specific product in the Ecommerce section. 

Additionally, if there is an email address entered into the "New Order Notification Email Address" field in Association Settings > Ecommerce, an email will be sent to that address with a notification about the placed order.


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